The alleged left-wing, liberal socialist, baby-killing, AIDS-spreading, Demofuckingcrat coward in question.


16 Responses

  1. What’s happening behind you?

  2. All credit to J.Fillman for having the eye.

  3. This blog is back, baby.

  4. Awkward scene back there…tell me you at least tried to jump in!

  5. Some call it awkward, I refer to it as a Tuesday.

  6. But for the grace of god go any of us.

  7. Delicious.

  8. steve
    your party scene seems to have improved quite a bit since i was up there last. see you soon.

  9. baby-killing, yeah, aids-spreading, absolutely, but liberal socialist? Does such a thing even exist?

  10. Jonah Goldberg in the heez!

  11. at least now we all know how maarina spends her days

  12. Beautiful. Simply beautiful photo. HA HA HA !!

  13. I think this picture sums you up pretty well.

  14. This is a fun blog, but for professional reasons, I will be leaving no comment on the pictures….

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