I got a love letter today! An actual love letter. From Tom Hutchison, of wonderful Lakeville, MN. Enjoy!


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  1. Holy Crap! That is the craziest letter i have ever seen……i guess there is some that think that freedom of speech is sometimes wrong for some to have. and by some i mean this cookpot!

  2. A pretty high compliment, if you ask me.

  3. That guy is precious.

  4. If I was forced to give a compliment to the writer I’d have to say “excellent penmanship”.

  5. Wow, that was excellent.

  6. I would consider it an honour to receive a letter like that. I agree about the terrific penmanship also, but who writes letters? What’s wrong with a comment box??

  7. “Weirdos, Kooks, Elitists, America bashers & queers.” That perfectly describes MSP Mag’s subject matter.

  8. I’m ridiculously jealous right now.

  9. If you look closely at the scan, you can see the pen impressions of another letter. I wonder if that one was to Entertainment Weekly or something. “Dear Mr. Gleiberman…”

  10. It’s signed “Judy” something or another, and there’s a phone number too.

  11. Nice work, batman.

  12. I third the penmanship compliments…

    Also, how come I don’t get love letters like this? So jealous.

  13. Wow. That was beautiful. Nobody else gets letters like that because he’s hogging all the crazy.

    Mailed letters don’t leave host and IP information behind. Unless he left a return address on the envelope, it sounds like Lovely Handwriting Guy can’t back up his lovely handwritten words.

  14. As another “Tom Hutchinson” from Lakeville, take a closer look at his last name. It’s “Hutchison.” I wouldn’t want to be confused with this guy.

  15. Mr. Hutchison needs to do some remedial history. Washington, Jefferson, et al. were more anti-clergy than he appears to realize. I don’t think the religious right would consider Deists to be the standard bearers of any “Judeo-Christian nation.” There were, in fact, in support of the opposite.

  16. Whether hate or love mail, if your getting something, you must be making some impact HA HA HA … well done :D

  17. He don’t know you very well, do he?

  18. Take that, Commie Republican!

    You framed this, right? Or at least hung it on your fridge?

  19. Sweet. I can totally make out a phone number at the end of the last paragraph.

  20. Are we certain that “Tom Hutchison” is not an alias? Similar to Steve Rogers or Frank Castle, is in fact, Tom Hutchison not just just a convenient moniker for “Steve Marsh”?

  21. Much more likely: “Pete Marsh.”

  22. Btw, Boof Bonser is here.

  23. Guy likely rides a scooter.

  24. the previous letter written on the pad was signed by someone surnamed CURTIS in LAKEVILLE. There’s also a phone number with suffix “2-3-” ( – representing a not quite clear number that has a complete vertical line…either 1,4,7 or 9). A cursory check of yahoo people reveals:

    19073 Inman Trl, Lakeville, MN 55044
    (952) 469-2139

    That’s your buddy.

  25. A friend sent this to me to read it.

    I would click on it, but you’ve got those horrible snap previews enabled. As such, the preview provides me with an excellent cropped thumbnail of the thumbnail I’m already looking at, and obscures other useful parts of this web page.

  26. He obviously wants yer cock

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