Not Welcome at The Fitz

From my inbox this morning:

—————————- Original Message —————————-

Subject: Friday night…..
From: “Forrest Karstoff”
Date: Sun, April 20, 2008 11:35 am

I just have to wonder – if someone loathes a certain restaurants cuisine, or despises a particular band, why would that person keep coming back?

The way you tried demolished Lucia’s entier being in your last Fakebook review, then not only come to the next show – but to actually come back stage and drink beer? That takes a certain almost sociopathic someone to do such a thing.

The Fakebook production is a bustle of creative, well-intentioned, community based, hard-working, kind people – you are not welcome.


Hilarious. And I have every reason to believe this came from an MPR staffer. Let me just say this: our “community” needs to lighten up and learn to take a little criticism. My review of the last Fakebook was critical of Lucia, sure, but being critical doesn’t mean I wasn’t engaged with the event, or that I’m some kind of enemy of the Twin Cities “community” because I’m not a kiss-ass full of rainbows and sparkles and sparkly rainbows.

It’s even funnier because Mary Lucia is the one who led me backstage in the first place. Next time, bustling, creative, well-intentioned, community based, hard-working, kind-of-an-asshole-for-using-an-assumed-name, anonymous backstage person–kick me out if you have the juice.

I don’t even like beer.

UPDATE: Latest Fakebook review.


13 Responses

  1. “I just have to wonder – if someone loathes a certain restaurants cuisine, or despises a particular band, why would that person keep coming back?”

    I like to think your sacrificing your body for the poor, unwashed hipster masses. Sort of a pop culture Jesus, if I may already stroke your massive ego…heh!

  2. People should just be thankful that you wrote a serious critique of the “Mary Lucia Interview” without even mentioning YouTube or her cats.

    I like Mary Lucia but you’re absolutely right; her interview style isn’t paired up well with the interviewees at Fakebook. I argue that half of the time she’s not well paired up with half of the people that roll through MPR’s studios as well.

    I thought you were being way too nice in the article and IMHO you showed some intentional avoidance of backlash. Just say it: her interview style doesn’t dig into the interviewee but it gets people to say something that’s not in any other interview they’ve ever done even if it’s way out in left field (and most of the time pointless). But hey, it’s fun and it’s unique.

    …and I still like her.

  3. “creative, well-intentioned, community based, hard-working, kind people”…Mr. Karstoff is right, any place with people possesing these types of qualities is no place for you. I think we should also include “really, really fucking touchy” and “too big of a pussy to tell you my name.” Umm… wait, do I have to post with my name now? I suppose hypocrites like me have no place at this unassailable salon of deliberation and self-involved tedium.
    Lucia is a sweetheart and certainly talented, as well as being a legend in the local rock scene. But, c’mon, she’s the Charlie Rose of Minneapolis interviewers.
    On the other hand, just one more place you’re not welcome.
    So, for God’s sake, why are doing your job when clearly it’s causing collateral damage? Mr. Karstoff hasn’t been able to enjoy is soy latte or yogalates for days now.

    Jesus, when are you getting out of that fucking town?

  4. Just read your actual review. I mean, why would I know all the facts before making a comment? You already made a C Rose comparo, so how about the Stephenapholous (sp?) of the Mini. Or better yet, the Rob Cordy?

  5. Nobody can do better than the Charlie Rose comparison. Stephanopoulos is not as likeable as Mary is (and by not as likeable I mean “slimy midget”), and Corddry was playing a character on the Daily Show (as we’ve all learned from the range he’s demonstrated in his sit-com work). If Mary would concentrate solely on her guests’ hairline while daydreaming about which intern she’s taking to the Four Seasons bar after the show, then the parallel to Rose would hold perfectly. As it is, you get the impression that she’s up there actually trying to pay attention, so it’s merely very good.

  6. Charlie’s Last Tape.

  7. Fine, fucker. How about the Tavis Smiley of white liberal propaganda? I once heard him ask Cornel West if being black was the “real” American experience.

  8. Can I just say…FLAVOR FLAV!

  9. Criticism is a good thing. It seems that this “Minnesota Nice” crap exists only because Minnesotans have thin skin. Constructive criticism is good and more of it is needed.

  10. People objected to that? I’m having a hard time figuring out why pointing out that the local dj can’t hang with the Amy Sedarises (that, by the way, is a last name that should never be pluralized) of the world is such a sin. I mean, who can? I guess if your view extends even a little over the local horizon, people can tell – and man do the provincials ever resent it.

  11. Quoting ‘The Big Lebowski’ for no reason? You are the Hillary of bloggers.

  12. You’re going on two months now of not updating this thing, which puts you in jeopardy of being removed from my blogroll. You don’t want that now, do you, Stephen? I thought you had a post-dentist story for us.

  13. Post something!

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