Not Welcome at The Fitz

From my inbox this morning:

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Subject: Friday night…..
From: “Forrest Karstoff”
Date: Sun, April 20, 2008 11:35 am

I just have to wonder – if someone loathes a certain restaurants cuisine, or despises a particular band, why would that person keep coming back?

The way you tried demolished Lucia’s entier being in your last Fakebook review, then not only come to the next show – but to actually come back stage and drink beer? That takes a certain almost sociopathic someone to do such a thing.

The Fakebook production is a bustle of creative, well-intentioned, community based, hard-working, kind people – you are not welcome.


Hilarious. And I have every reason to believe this came from an MPR staffer. Let me just say this: our “community” needs to lighten up and learn to take a little criticism. My review of the last Fakebook was critical of Lucia, sure, but being critical doesn’t mean I wasn’t engaged with the event, or that I’m some kind of enemy of the Twin Cities “community” because I’m not a kiss-ass full of rainbows and sparkles and sparkly rainbows.

It’s even funnier because Mary Lucia is the one who led me backstage in the first place. Next time, bustling, creative, well-intentioned, community based, hard-working, kind-of-an-asshole-for-using-an-assumed-name, anonymous backstage person–kick me out if you have the juice.

I don’t even like beer.

UPDATE: Latest Fakebook review.