Clubhouse Jager Uber Alles?

A true crime post sent in by Stephenhero North Loop correspondent Ciaran Daly:

What’s a scene, exactly? What does it ask from you, and what do you owe it?

These thoughts have been bouncing around my head for the last few days since my last ill-fated visit to Transmission, the weekly 80s/British/indie themed night hosted by local DJ Jake Rudh at Clubhouse Jager on 10th & Washington. Long a favorite of local bands as a hangout night, Transmission landed at Jager about a year back after its last run at the Hexagon Bar. It’s more successful than ever in its new surroundings, regularly packing the house. It’s been a fortuitous match for both venue and DJ–yours truly has been going to Transmission on and off for over 5 years, and it’s morphed from a notoriously uneven night that was either dead or packed, to one that always has a respectable draw.

Clubhouse Jager is a new venue going through the usual growing pains. After several unsuccessful events nights, they recently fired general manager and founding partner Rickert Whyte and replaced him with former bartender and new GM Angie Heitz. By all appearances, Jager and Transmission is a marriage made in heaven. Rudh’s Transmission has long been one of the few local dj nights that supports local acts and regularly plays and promotes their new releases. (On that note, btw, check out Minnie Indie’s new night, Swyndle, Mondays at the Uptown Bar.) Local bands have repaid Jake’s loyalty, recently throwing a benefit at the Fine Line headlined by Tapes ‘n’ Tapes for his fiance Mercedes Gorden, who was badly hurt in the 35w bridge collapse. Turn up at Transmission on any given Wednesday over the last year, swing a stick, and you’d hit members of any number of the local bands on Transmission’s Myspace Page, whose “top friends” reads like a who’s who of local indie rock talent.

But show up over the last 6 months, and you might have witnessed members of those same bands getting attacked.

The aggressors in both instances were members of a tight-knit crew that often show up dressed identically, with very short or shaved hair. Sources identify them as former West Bank skinheads. The first incident took place in October of 2007, when the crew in question showed up at Transmission wearing black suits and red shirts. Dan Larsen of White Light Riot was talking with a woman who had appeared in the company of the half dozen or so men dressed and asked (not unreasonably, given their attire and grooming), “Are those guys Nazis or something?”

It earned him a beating.

One of the men charged, and struck him. When drummer Mark Schwantz ran outside to Jager’s busy enclosed back courtyard to aid his friend, he was hit by another of the men who was waiting by the door, Chris Miller. Rickert Whyte, GM at the time, recalls “I heard about it after the fact. I was for 86ing them, but Angie (current GM Angela Heitz) and Julius (Julius Jaegar de Roma, the owner) vouched for them. A few days later I was let go. No one there has returned my calls or e-mails since.”

He also mentioned that the next two staff members to leave or be forced out due to a sudden lack of hours were both Jewish. When I asked Schwantz about the night in question, he referred me to a member of local band So It Goes, who prefers to remain anonymous. This gentleman had a bizarre experience with owner Jaegar de Roma in July of that year. He introduced himself to the owner of the beautifully appointed new club, only to have the conversation immediately take a bizarre turn as he was interrogated at length on his ancestry. The young man replied he was Icelandic.

“That’s good Aryan stock,” Jaegar de Roma noted approvingly.

A joking reference to his blue eyes earned further such comments on his “race.” Troubled by this conversation, he decided never to return to the venue.Former GM Rickert Whyte corroborates the stories of his mercurial former boss’ “eccentricities.”

“I would sit in that bar while it opened and literally watch him drive people away,” Whyte said. “He would sit down at their table and start talking about the Holocaust and customers would leave and never come back. Eventually I just asked him not to come down to the bar because it was hurting business.”

Jake Nordin, sound man at The Guthrie, reports a similar conversation about politics with Jaeger De La Roma in which an errant comment had him asking “Julius, I have to ask you – do you think the Holocaust actually happened?” After some hemming and hawing, he recalled saying that it was a simple enough question, requiring only a yes or no answer. Nordin recalls hearing something which shocked him: “I think 40 or 50 thousand people died, and that’s terrible, but no I don’t think 6 million.”

He became another of Club Jager’s ex-patrons that night.

In February of 2008, Chris Miller–the backdoor man Jaegar de Roma vouched for in the first attack–would make his presence felt at Jager again. On February 6th, he was passing by a Transmission regular of 7+ years, Allan Kleckner, in the crowded bottleneck leading to Jager’s bathrooms. On several previous occasions, he had elbowed Kleckner, who is Jewish, hard in the back as he passed by. On the third occasion, in front of several witnesses, Kleckner stepped back, and Miller rounded on him, looming over him and glowering down at him with his face perhaps 6 inches away from Kleckner’s. Bizarrely, he asked Kleckner, the smaller man, what his problem was. It was at this point that I stepped between the two, asking Miller his name (he refused to give it), and to calm down, telling him that no one here was going to get in a fight.

Miller proved me wrong by punching me repeatedly in the face.

In the scuffle that ensued I came away with nothing more serious than a goose egg on the back of my skull when I fell and struck the floor. Miller outweighs me by at least 100 lbs, so either the big man can’t hit or I’m very lucky.

Whether the next person he attacks at Jager will be so lucky is anyone’s guess. The reaction of the staff I found particularly telling. Miller, whom multiple witnesses indicated was the aggressor, was allowed to stay and pay his tab. I was hustled out the back. Later, I learned that the cops arrived almost immediately and were told by the bar staff that they were not required. I would have been happy to give a statement, but it was too late–they were gone. I asked for my attacker’s name. It was refused. I asked that he be 86d. GM Angie Heitz told me, “No one will be 86d. No one will go to jail. That’s how I want it.” After multiple requests online indicating a name was needed to file a police report, I was given a name on February 10th, four days later.Jake Rudh contacted me about the incident the next day, expressing his concern. He said he would “give his 2 cents” to the management but that he “just plays the tunes” and could do nothing more. He also confirmed that the people in question had been given a warning by the bar, but would still be let back in, noting “they always bring $ down to the bar.”

What do I think about all of it? In the end, Jager’s a private establishment. They can act as they please. If they continue to let a violent element into their bar, it sends the clear message that those people are more important than their customers feeling safe. That should shake itself out pretty naturally. Jake has a fiancee in ongoing physical therapy with a ton of ongoing medical expenses, so I can understand his not wanting to rock the boat.

But thuggish people have a way of forcing you to make decisions.


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  1. I’m horrified! And will never ever go back there.

    Are you sure it’s wise to publicly out him in your blog though? Quick, take his name down. Seriously. He’s clearly a maniac.

  2. I agree with April! Stephen, you better be careful. I’m telling Mom.

  3. Let me at them.

  4. I’m sorry, I disagree. I’ve been going to that bar since transmission has been there and I have never witnessed any problems at all. There is a group of people who go there REALLY REALLY into the mod scene but I would never call them Nazi’s. Of course to me, it sounds like a bar brawl like any other bar brawl, with the exception that the Angie kept the police from getting involved, which, right now you can’t see the value in it, but probably has more merit than you expect.

    Do you know what story your aggressor was telling? Do you know who he had as a witness to corroborate his story? Can you really say you both wouldn’t have spent the night in prison?

    It’s hard to be in a management position when there is a fight. I’m sorry to say this, but they made the right decision. You could of just as easily filed a complaint with the police on your own if it was that important to you.


  5. Thank God there are people out there making sure the Minneapolis indie hipster scene is more white and WASPish than it is. And if you and your circle jerk buddies wear the same outfit it doesn’t make you look tough, just really, really gay. Not in a good way.

  6. Charles: a complaint is being filed if that makes you feel any better. You raise an interesting point as to whether his people (and I gather he had 9 or so with him) would have lied for him. Quite possibly they would. But if the bar won’t eject patrons with a pattern of violence the police would seem to be the only other option.

  7. The conversation with Julius that Ciaran quotes me on, is one of the oddest of my life. Julius’ statements to me that night got progressively stranger; from garden-variety paranoid (the Israeli lobby having a say in U.S. foreign policy), to crack-pot racism (Jewish bankers controlling the world economy), to outright insanity (he claimed that the phrases “The Holocaust”, and “6 million dead” dated back to a WWI-era Zionist newspaper article). I don’t think Julius is a Nazi-sympathizer, just a crazy, lonely, racist old man whose going soft in the head.

    I don’t think anyone is calling the patrons or staff of CHJ Nazi’s. But it’s owner, Julius, is a Holocaust Revisionist. No ifs, ands, or but about it. So I won’t patronize CHJ for that reason. Obviously others will and should make their own judgments. I would challenge all who read this, and who go to CHJ regularly to ask Julius how he feels about Judaism, and if Germany practiced genocide on Europe’s Jews. You will, if nothing else, get a wacky story out of it.

  8. A further interesting note: members of this crew identify themselves as “Asatru” Odinist pagans on their Myspace pages. Southern Poverty Law Center has an interesting article on the history of Asatru Odinism here:

  9. The bar isn’t to blame for the act of violence, it’s the aggressor. I can understand your anger, but an asshole doesn’t make a bar a nazi supporter. It just makes the bar a place that is unlikely to get involved in quarrels.

    Good thing that you are filing a complaint. In order to establish that someone has a history of violence there has to be evidence of this, paper trails are great for that sort of thing.

    I still say though, the guy just needs anger management. How many people in this world are like that? Does that really make CHJ any different then any other bar where a brawl breaks out and the bar stays out of it?


  10. Growing pains are definitely the order of the day here folks. First of all, Mr. Rickert Whyte was released for many various reasons, to remain confidential, but under no circumstances was it due to the ejection in question. More can be said about this. But for the record let’s leave it there.

    To insinuate, even in a blog of this quality and respectability, that someone is racist based upon hearsay is an outrage. And as far as I can see no one that I know of, of any race, has felt uncomfortable in Mr. DeRoma’s presence. This is fact. Opinions of all sort may be derived from one conversation or another. Such an accusation based on hearsay (not to mention drunken recollections) is preposterous. Shame on you. This is a bar that allows all ethnicities & types just like any other establishment, as well as jazz, r&b, and other types of ethnic & cultural musics with equal values as a standard. Does this sound like a racist environment?

    Now as far as skinheads and mods. The mods who predominate Club Jäger are, as far as I know, SHARPS or “anti-racist” skins. These people are known as a tightly organized subculture, and are known to apply pressure when they want to frequent an establishment. Whether or not it is acceptable is my opinion out of the question, and I guarantee it is being addressed. As far as I’m concerned there are all types of people in that bar, no matter what your subculture clique is, and they need to get along regardless of who – or what they are.

    Ciaran is a well respected musician and a fine gentleman, and I respect his opinion and half agree with him concerning the incident which he was involved. I was not there that night but feel that considering the violence involved, that Angie handled it well. It’s an extremely tough situation to deal with having nothing to go on but irate, and drunken accusations. To me three strikes and you are out, unless there is a real issue between patrons, then proper actions must be taken. But I will let her do the talking on that one.

    I will defend this bar to the hilt, as a person who believes in the potentiality of any place that is new, fresh, and exciting. This is not a plug, but a plea, to respect all those involved in this, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Angie is the bar manager, and any misconduct or accusations she can readily handle and believe me she will. And as for me, I will be doing everything that I can do to make things right for everyone.

    Both parties involved need to settle their differences, and this is the stand from my end of the bar, let’s work out our differences and make Transmission the melting pot that makes it such an amazing night.

    Timothy Sean Ritter

  11. I’m really enjoying Marvel’s re-launched Thor comic. Does that make me an Odinist now? Damnit! It’s so confusing being a white dude in 2008.

  12. Tim, I interviewed all the people quoted in this article. So those are direct quotes, not hearsay. Clearly, many of these people were “uncomfortable” with Mr. Jaeger De la Roma. I had time to finish one and a half beers before these events took place, so I’m not sure whose “drunken recollections” you are referring to, but they can’t be mine.

    And finally, if these people are not racist, they are certainly violent. And many of them self-identify, as my comment above notes, with a group with a long history of racism and violence, Asatru Odinism.

    If none of this troubles you, I’m puzzled.

  13. If any of you have problems with CHJ, let me make it easy for you. Stop Going! Or, you could continue to meow meow about it online. Stop cryin and move on. Its a fricken BAR and thats it! Don’t like it? Don’t go! Jager is a great bar with fun people and will continue to be so! This is just silly!

  14. What Tim refers to as hearsay in regard to Julius has been widely reported and can be attributed to a number of sources. Jake Nordin was referenced and has already commented here to confirm it. I went to Jaeger knowing these things. Because despite Julius, I liked Angie, Jake and the bar. However; when a bar passively accepts patrons prone to violence, you are left with two options. Either go in expecting and prepared for violence or avoid the place. I am getting too old for the first option so I am recommending the latter.

  15. Troubling it is. But I know that Angie, and I who work for the bar, had absolutely no idea that any patron there is a racist of any kind. Out of all the conversations I have had with anyone there and none of them had pertained to Odinism or whatever groups these are so I’m in the dark, and I’ve been working with the bar over a year.

    In other words this is all news to me. And as aforementioned and somehow disregarded in your previous comment I and Angie want to get to the bottom of it indeed, she is the manager, she is my wife, and we want to know what’s going on.

    Who are you planning to skewer here? The patrons or the bar? I know for a fact that what had transpired on the eve in question was handled in a fair manner, considering that this was between two people on a dancefloor in a scuffle without knowing who or what these people represented. Ciaran is a friend of Transmission’s and we know him well but from what I know of the violence had nothing to do with what religion or philosophy anyone subscribes to. Can this be about a bar fight? Or do we have to make this convoluted mess about who enters a bar and what they believe in.

    And why would a business owner condone such a type of activity if it was going to endanger his patrons and staff? Do you think that involving him is turning over some kind of stone revealing a greater, or uglier truth about a decent hard working bar?

    Mr. DeRoma has given me a chance to book bands how I want to, without guidelines or restraint. He wants a place for everyone to enjoy, and hasn’t threatened anyone. He’s a harmless buisness owner trying to make a good thing happen.

    I apologize for referring to your hard work as hearsay, but it upsets me that MY hard work is being challenged without a chance for reconciliation. Please give this venue the chance it deserves. And Mr. DeRoma the benefit of the doubt.

    Timothy Sean Ritter

  16. After going to Clubhouse Jager numerous times, I have never seen this bar to be a problem. It is sad that fights break out but it does happen. This bar like any other bar will have an occiasional bar brawl and after talking to one of the staff have learned that there IS in fact a 3 strikes and your out policy. I also learned that there has only ever been 2 fights at this bar ever in the 2+ years it has been open. I am sure if you did research on any other bar in MPLS you would find that not 1 bar has ever not had a brawl. This just happens when you add booze and guys who have something to prove. I think both parties need to “man up” and look at who the problem really is. Is it the bar? OR is it the fact that if you have been in more than 1 bar brawl in your life that maybe just maybe its YOU! I personally like this bar and will continue to go. I also feel safe there but if you are scared you have every right to take your business somewhere else.

  17. Thanks for sharing that you are the GM’s husband Tim. I’m just reporting the facts I’ve learned, no more. I might add it was a few clicks through your wife’s friends list that gave me some of the information I shared above.

    This isn’t the “bar fight” you keep trying to make it into – I didn’t exchange one angry word or insult with anyone: this is someone being attacked (and for the second time, by someone with a history of such violence) and multiple eyewitnesses attest to this. There are proper avenues to address these things, and those are legal ones.

    No establishment “deserves” my or anyone else’s patronage or good will. Those things are earned or squandered by the actions (or lack thereof) of the staff and owners. If this is lost on you will find it hard going in your career in the business.

  18. I too can only report facts. One is the bar DOES NOT CONDONE VIOLENT BEHAVIOR, why would it? Getting the facts straight is what it ‘s all about. So let’s do it.

    Timothy Sean Ritter

  19. Tim I’ll repeat myself: I don’t think anyone is calling the patrons or staff of CHJ Nazi’s. But it’s owner, Julius, is a Holocaust Revisionist. And that to me constitutes a HUGE problem for me. And I told people about this when it happened: “It’s too bad the owner’s a racist, paranoid, old coot, cuz it’s a nice bar otherwise.”

    Obviously you feel different.

  20. The facts are pretty well laid out here. There are a group of patrons that have been going to Transmission. They may or may not be racist. They may or may not be former skin heads. They have on at least two occasions instigated fights at the bar with little or no provocation. No measures have been taken to prevent such incidents from happening again.

  21. Funny story: Last time I saw Chris Miller he was draped in an American flag counter-protesting an Operation Desert Storm protest in ’91. He and his boys then got in a fight with ARA and it’s baldheaded contingency. While Chris and his friends are almost certainly not white power skins they are certainly extremely violent skins (he was Skins-4-Skins back then). I’m not sure whats worse; discriminate violence, or indiscriminate violence.

  22. sounds to me like youre in the “wrong” dude. think about it getting in the face of a drunk man that out weighs you by a hundred pounds and has houligan scrolled across his knuckles, what do you expect? Im gonna go ahead and tell ya to clean that sand out of your pussy and move on. Oh and now Im pissed because you wasted 10 minutes of my life.

  23. Yes Nick because stepping up to help your friends definitely puts you in wrong. Now please, for the good of the world, kill yourself.

  24. HA! Sure thing, I will get right on that! Now why dont you go blog about how I hurt your feelings.

  25. Still waiting nick…
    tick tock

  26. Ok, mabe we should fight about it. Meet you at Club Jager on Wednesday night cuz thats where people go to fight right?
    Seriously….this is hillarious!

  27. I’m going to miss Nick. He seems like a a real gem. Anyways, I thought I should make it clear. I have been a very big fan of Jager despite knowing that the owner was an anti-semitic holocaust denier. I have always liked Angie and have been probably the most loyal regular at Transmission. So, if my friends and I don’t feel welcome that would seem to indicate the bar has a problem.

  28. Sounds good, except you forgot, I won’t patronize this place anymore. How about after 6th period behind the ball field. Be there.

  29. Odin? Really? That’s what it’s come to, losers worshipping comic book drawings of longhaired Scandinavians hunting boars? That’s just fucking retarded. Now I just feel sad for these morons. As an earlier post said “man up”. If your going to be a racist, do it right. But I have to agree with “meow” and Tina, who cares if the owner is a Holocaust denier and an anti-semite, the place is so shiny and fun! It’s really hard to find a place downtown where there isn’t any colored folk around, don’t even get me started on the Jews. Clearly the three strike policy offers no reprimand after the second whiff, so bombs away! Working for a Nazi sympathizer might not make you a Nazi yourself, just an asshole.
    I do have a question about Mr. Lutts’ comment, though. Other than hooligan spelled with a u (I assume he’s French), where does the sand come from?

  30. Chef, I think I’m in love with you.

  31. As the GM of the bar, I feel I must give my input. First of all I need to clarify a number of mistruths that were stated as fact; Richert Whyte aka Rice Blanco (who was never an owner or business partner) was fired for multiple grevious offenses which I will not go into but suffice it to say, his statements above can and should be taken with a grain of salt. He was absolutely aweful to work for and the bar is a much better place in his absence. Julius DeRoma has been one of the most pleasant people I have had the pleasure to work for. Quirky, yes but a racist, absolutely not.
    The first incident that you are referring to happened after bar close, outside in the parking lot. Both parties were clearly intoxicated. I asked Rick if he wanted to 86 the mods and he didn’t want to deal with it. I advised him to hire security (which we did) and I told him I would speak with that group the next time they came in, which I did. For the record, Julius didn’t even know about that group or the fight so he never did any “vouching” of any kind. I did tell Rick that I liked that group and that I thought it could be managed with security if he wasn’t comfortable kicking them out.

    Now, this whole thing boils down to a case of booze and balls. That is is being turned into some kind of race issue is absurd and offensive! Unfortunately I was downstairs in the bathroom taking a much needed potty break when the fight broke out. It was 1am and both parties had been drinking and on a crowded, small dancefloor. Someone got shoved and a few punches were thrown. I went to the dancefloor and both parties were separated and asked to pay their tab and leave. Ironically, the mods were polite and even applogized profusely the next day via myspace. Ciaran on the other hand was rude and combative to me and my staff. Yes, I did send the cops away because my staff and I had a handle on the situation, no one was clearly injured and no property was damaged. I really didn’t want to see the night be shut down and people brought to jail.

    I have been in the bar business for 10 years and have managed a number of establishments. This does just appear to be another bar fight in my estimation and I handled it the best way I could. I stand behind my desicion and behind the bar and it’s staff and owner. This is my livelihood and I love what I do. I love the bar, it’s staff and all of it’s patrons.

    Let me say one more thing; I really adore all of my regulars at the bar and Jake’s crowd is my favorite by far. I don’t feel that I could kick out anyone that has been a regular of Jakes’ (be it 6 months or 6 years)without consulting him first. We plan on sitting down and making those desicions together and if certain parties need to be 86’ed for the safety of the bar and it’s patrons, they will be. Be assured that it will be addressed and handled properly. My first concern is that the patrons of Clubhouse Jaeger feel welcome and safe and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.
    Angie Heitz
    GM CHJ

  32. Angie, despite the fact that your husband and yourself freely admit you weren’t witnesses, you’re making an awful lot of declarative statements about what did and didn’t happen. I encourage you to read what I actually wrote.

    The only people who raised the racial issues you’re so appalled to see associated with your bar were your boss and the people on your Myspace friends list whose manners you have just praised. I encourage everyone reading this to check out “OX” under Angie’s Myspace friends list, his gallery of photos of his friends (including Mr. Miller), and his statements about his religious affiliation and personal beliefs. A quick Google search or again a click on this link should prove instructive.

    Since you have access to your friends’ bar tabs, you know how much they were drinking. I’ve stated I had time to finish a beer before I was attacked, and that I was nothing but polite before I was attacked, and that multiple witnesses can corroborate my story. If I said a few unkind words after being attacked perhaps it was because I disagreed that your staff had things in hand or that the appropriate action was taken.

    To state “both parties had been drinking” is a misleading, self-serving statement designed to try and spin this as a relatively harmless “booze and balls” incident, and divert attention from some ugly and embarrassing facts which I can’t help noting, both you and your employer have a vested interest in doing.

  33. Take that, Steve. Take that.

  34. Okay, I think we’ve established that Jager has a very colorful clientele–:-)–that only erupts into violence once or twice every 100-year reich. Everybody cool? Alright, then, I’d like to ask my new skinhea…uh, I mean, *mod* audience if they like the mainstream Marvel Universe Thor or the The Ultimate Thor. Show of hands? And if you have swastikas on your knuckles, I’ll weigh that accordingly.

  35. The more I think about this, the more questions I have. Great Odin’s beard, do I have a lot of questions.

    So, if I sucker punch Allan the next time I see him, can I get a voucher for a Vespa discount? Who do I talk to about that?

    You don’t have to tell me now, fellas. Tell me on Wednesday– I’ll be the tall dude in the winged helmet.

  36. Okay, honestly, my last couple comments were a little Jackie Mason. But you have to admit this is a tough crowd for that kind of schtick.

    A really tough crowd.

  37. Three pun-filled self-serving comments in a row, Hero? Your ‘kindred’ would be dissapointed. Do these meat heads know that Vespa’s are Italian made with hands flowing Saracen (or eggplant, if you prefer) blood? But nothing evokes the granduer of the Norse Hammer thundering down upon the dark peoples of the world more than riding a vehicle named after a wasp. Ferocious! If you do go on Wednesday, don’t forget to wear a tag indicating that your Catholic and to hand out Star of David’s to your Hebrew bretheren. Easier for them to point you out. Hey, worked well in the Rhineland.

  38. How dare thee accuse me of swinging puns in the self-same fashion I wieldest Mjolinir! Nay, Loki! Lurking, skulking, commenting under thy alias will not save thee from the thunder! Verily!

  39. I find this thread’s anti-Aesirist bias appalling.
    I will be sending Thor to lay a vicious lightning filled smackdown on you heathens posthaste.

  40. Uh-oh. I hear the high whine of small bore engines in the distance….

  41. Once I beat this giant Ford Escort off the line/
    your ass is mine.

  42. Sorry, this is getting so inside. See, everybody, that’s funny because the Ultimate Thor is a little more hippie-ish, so he would probably be comfortable driving a scooter.

  43. Oh go whine about it in your myspace..

    “..lo and behold the story of how this bouncer and I ended up fighting on my front lawn after a night of drinking came up. It was a fight I got the best of, although this was not the thrust of my story – it was a horrible, shameful, bloodstained, wake the neighbors and scare their kids moment and I’m not proud of my part in it. Also I had a bite mark in my left bicep for weeks..” – Ciaran Daly

    Yeah.. he was “attacked”.. sure.. Innocent victim.. right.

    Someone’s upset that they didn’t win the fight..

  44. So.. from now on while I’m carding people, I will make sure to ask what religious affiliation they have, in order to assure that their beliefs coincide with everyone else at the bar..

    Also.. I’ll make sure to require that everyone smells of patchouli, is barefoot, and has their bongos handy for a drum circle in the center of the dancefloor.. Kumbaya!

    Angie and Tim may not have been present, but I was.. I did not see the initial argument that started the fight, but I did see Ciaran continue to try to fight after everyone else had calmed down and was making their way out the door.. Ciaran was outwardly aggressive and combative and trying to continue the fight and had to be escorted out. All others involved politely payed their tabs and left on their own.

    Club Jager is the most peaceful bar that I have ever been to. People shouldn’t be turned off by one simple bar fight. Nobody got hurt, nothing got damaged – except for egos.

  45. Well you can certainly choose whom to believe.

    Would I have been delighted if things turned out all David and Goliath (Semitic myth with which you may be unfamiliar) and the guy who punched me in my face after I told him “hey relax, no one’s fighting here” got his ass handed to him? Hey sure, who wouldn’t be. But I don’t hang my ego on that stuff. I’ve known too many genuinely tough guys in my life to worry about being one of them.

    Again, to the extent the apologists can make this about me it’s a winner for them. Distracts from the embarrassing facts about their politics and racism. Distracts from the fact that the thuggishness and violence are part and parcel of that.

    Distracts, in fact, from the ugly glaring fact that they’ve just outed themselves for what they are because one guy interviewed a few folks and offered up some dots for the thinking people of the world to connect.

    I do hope you continue to respond. I do hope you continue to crawl out from under your rocks. You’re doing us all a world of good, and offering a needed reminder.


    ~ C.

  46. Oh hey lil Timmy – you’re the “bouncer” right?

  47. Wow. I’ve been following this story and this discussion has really gotten off track. This is as bad as a MNspeak thread. Let’s stop with all of the petty insults. From an advocacy standpoint it makes me now want to listen to any of you. Clubhouse Jager has been a favorite bar of mine. I love the patio in summer, I love Transmission and I love the indie crowd that hangs there. I have been aware that the owner is goofy…. maybe even a total loser w/ some offending personal views. I still chose to go there. Just like Allan said… he choose to continue to go there. How do I know the owner of the next bar isn’t a member of the KKK? I guess that’s besides the point. Let’s at talk about resolutions?

    Angie- seems like patrons have some safety concerns. I have safety concerns. I’m not a fan of Mr. Miller. I don’t want to go to a bar where there is a possibility that I’ll get pushed and shoved during a fight or that my friends will be attacked. Seems like Jager needs to make a public statement that Mr. Miller and his crowd is axed from Jager. I read your statement about there being varying stories about what happened, but there are two confirmed incidents involving Mr. Miller fighting with patrons. That two times too many. If you can ensure safety, then I will continue to come.

    Ciaran- seems to me that if Jager is willing to admit that the situation could’ve been handled better and ensures that Mr. Miller and his modsters are axed, perhaps the situation has then been rectified.

    Racism/Nazism/Holocaust Revision- the owner is a goofy old confused man who says a lot of crappy things. Perhaps if he wants to keep his bar a float, he would realize that his presence there is not helping business. However, my point is really how do you know anytime you buy a product that you’re not contributing to an asshole?

    Jake- this is the part that makes me feel really bad. Jake is a super cool guy who is spinning music. I’ve been following him from bar to bar for many years. Club Jager is my favorite for Transmission so far. Considering all of the horrific stress that he has dealt with through Mercedes, to somehow single him out as Nazi supporter is total and unwarranted bullshit. He is struggling financially bad enough as it is and Transmission is a money earner for him. Instead of trashing him, be supportive. If you don’t want to do Transmission at Jager any more, then come up with some solutions and alternative venues.

    As far as myself and my crowd, as soon as Angie ensures that those hooligans won’t be welcome there again, I will return.

  48. Amen.

  49. Sounds to me like a judgmental prick (or two) got socked in the kisser after some ill-advised name-calling.

    I’ll cite the initial entry here:

    The first incident took place in October of 2007, when
    the crew in question showed up at Transmission wearing
    black suits and red shirts. Dan Larsen of White Light
    Riot was talking with a woman who had appeared in the
    company of the half dozen or so men dressed and asked
    (not unreasonably, given their attire and grooming),
    “Are those guys Nazis or something?”

    It earned him a beating.

    And now revisit said entry with some amendments, to illustrate the glaring stupidity of this kind of commentary:

    The first incident took place in October of 2007, when
    the crew in question showed up at Transmission wearing
    baseball caps and baggy sports clothes . Dan
    Larsen of White Light Riot was talking with a woman who
    had appeared in the company of the half dozen or so
    black men dressed and asked(not unreasonably, given
    their attire and grooming), “Are those guys
    or something?”

    It earned him a beating.

    It’s pure hypocricy for you to initially advocate passing judgment on a group of people based on how they’re dressed, and then later decry similar bias you heard from somebody that somebody totally heard so-and-so say to this other guy.

    It’s great that all the hipster in-crowd folks commenting here can make allegations about the “racist old man” who lets these hoodlums run wild at his bar, but nobody is willing to address the fact that all the conflict seems to have stemmed from a bunch of snobbish finger-pointing.

    The very idea that you think it’s not “unreasonable” to call people nazis because they shave their heads tells a lot about the prejudices you carry around to the bars your frequent. Maybe we ought to start by 86ing your and boycotting your blogs.

    Make up your mind. If you’re going to pretend to take a stance against nazism and and holocaust denial, you’re going to have to take a look at your own bigoted, judgmental nature and stop using appearance and creed to demonize a group of people your group of people started a beef with. I lost any sympathy I may have had for you when you started profiling – which was pretty much immediately.

  50. I agree with Ryan, we should 86 this blog. SHARPS and poseur gangsters would beatdown someone profiling/judging them. You know who wouldn’t…hipsters. If you asked some girl why her friends were all wearing tight jeans and $200 haircuts and said “What are they, hipsters?” They wouldn’t give a fuck, they just want to drink PBRs and listen to terrible self involved indie rock. So please people, leave them hipsters alone. Also, after reading all the comments, I’ve decided that if your old it’s okay to be a holocaust denier. I mean, he’s just soft in the head, right? Racism and hate are really cute in the elderly.

  51. I am definitely bigoted against Thunder God acolytes with shaved heads and shiny Vespas. I’m sorry. I went to St. Olaf, and I’m kind of done with guys like that. I just would rather hang out with skinny geeks who wear white belts and drink ironic beer, you know, Spidey people.

    Make mine Marvel!

  52. Racism is everywhere!!! Just because we listen to indie music & go to Transmission doesn’t mean $hit!!! does anyone remember the old saying’ “a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch.”?? They should kick anyone out who starts a fight, give them 6 months. After 6 months let them back in. If they start $hit again, they’re out for life. That simple. If we don’t fix this porblem soon, we’ll have cops in that place every Transmission.

    Just my 2 cents

  53. The first incident took place in October of 2007, when
    the crew in question showed up at Transmission wearing
    black suits and red shirts. Dan Larsen of White Light
    Riot was talking with a woman who had appeared in the
    company of the half dozen or so men dressed and asked
    (not unreasonably, given their attire and grooming),
    “Are those guys Nazis or something?”

    It earned him a beating.

    And now revisit said entry with some amendments, to illustrate the glaring stupidity of this kind of commentary:

    The first incident took place in October of 2007, when
    the crew in question showed up at Transmission wearing
    neat, pleated pants and tucked-in shirts. Dan Larsen of White Light
    Riot was talking with a woman (!) who had appeared in the
    company of the half dozen or so men dressed and asked
    (not unreasonably, given their attire and grooming),
    “Are those guys in a gay men’s chorus or something?”

    It earned him a beating.

  54. Ahahaha.

  55. Mr Daly has always seemed pretty a pretty good sort but the night in question
    he was the one that wanted to ESCALATE the fighting and NOT very subtly. Angie made a VERY LOGICAL call in getting Mr Daly et all out the back while she let the others PAY THEIR TAB and then LEAVE. It just seems as though Mr Daly is continuing to try and escalate this, for what reasons who knows. The racist thing is just silly. Maybe the owner does have some PERSONAL OPINIONS. Doesn’t everyone? Mr Daly sure has no qualms of letting his be known- re passing judgement on someone attire etc….this is so Jr High School that its ridiculous. Not to mention that what was said about the first incident was spun heavily- especially the part about Rick getting fired a few days after the first incident…he continued to be the GM of CHJ until right after the Holidays which was what…at least another two months from the first incident???? This is really f*cked up that this is as silly as it is as Transmission has been an AMAZING night for quite awhile what with all the DIFFERENT groups of peoples coming together at one place to listen to good music and talk to other humans…. in the immortal words of Rodney King
    ” Can’t we all just get along”??????

  56. Look, in all seriousness, let’s break down Mr. De Roma’s “personal opinions,” because I think he’s given a lot of thought to the vibe and the decor of the place that he bought and refurbished at great personal expense, and those opinions of his might be reflected in the results. He’s not just a crazy old coot who’s gone soft in the head. He has strong personal opinions, perhaps even an agenda of sorts, and although that agenda wasn’t obvious when I wrote a piece about his bar for Mpls.St.Paul Mag in January of ’07 that included this paragraph:

    Jäger is one long room with a couple of booths, a few cabaret tables, a fireplace, and European references scattered throughout the space—a Pomeranian national flag, some Greek wood detailing in the back, even a motorized disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Evidently, Jaeger De Roma, a frustrated architect who designed nearly everything in the place, including the cabinetry behind the bar, is Swedish, German, and Greek, and, it seems, hasn’t taken a side.

    Well, perhaps it is now.

  57. Don’t forget the jingle-apple, plastic dinosaur, fake beer bottles, a VHS copy of Deputy Dog, a cute little devil doll, some old records and no tv’s. Sounds like an odd eccentric to me.

  58. Hearts Deputy Dog.

    Not a big fan of Jews.

  59. I like how you changed that quick… careful.

  60. Yeah, “Hates Jews” was a little harsh. Not really sure Jules feels that way. I mean, he did say he feels for any group that loses 50,000 to the gas chambers, even if they do control the banks. Wanted to equivocate a little bit to reflect that.

    Oh, I’m careful, Tim. Because I’m sure Julius would love to deny the Holocaust in court. Please.

  61. So its bad to be European??? How about African? How about the decor in Eritrean
    bars??? How about the decor in Gay bars??? How about Sports Bars?? I know people that are offended by sports bars and really now everyone knows that jocks are pretty bad people too…. You know I am sure that there have been some Wiccans, Catholics, and *gasp* Satanists or Commies *shudder* that have been to CHJ as well…If some people want to have Odin as their Religion then who the f*ck are you to say they are wrong??? C’mon now this is REALLY childish. I am sure that everyone has an a**hole right?? OK I will say it The Holocaust really happened…not only cause the perpetrators kept meticulous records but I along with many others I am sure, have personally known many WWII vets that went into Dachau and Auschwitz-Birkenau and all the other camps… I have seen the horror and disgust at what they their eyes saw. They have shown me personal pictures. They FOUGHT and gave their LIFES for you to be able to blog like this and for EVERYONE to have FREEDOM OF RELIGION.
    Rodney King Rules

  62. Alright, as likely the only actual jewish person commenting on this, I am going to suggest we take things down a notch. While the bar owners opinions have been known to me for sometime, I have never been made to feel uncomfortable or discriminated against in his establishment. I have the greatest respect for Jake, Angie and everyone I have personally dealt with at Jager and do not believe that they condone or agree in any way with Mr De Roma’s more bizarre opinions. Jager has been my favorite bar and Transmission my favorite night for some time. My sole concern was that due to the events of 2/6, I felt that a future altercation was likely if this situation was not addressed. The public manner in which this has been addressed may not have been ideal. However; in light of the similar incident that took place at Stasius and the rampant rumors and misinformation that surround it, this clearing of the air may be for the best.

  63. This has gone on to become probably one of the most tiresome threads I have read in a long time. Clubhouse Jager is a great bar with a very diverse clientele. Period. Think and act how you want, but what I believe this honestly boils down to is this: Someone hasn’t gotten their way, is using propaganda to outrage the public and make themselves look & feel better. Ultimately, Ciaran, you got what you wanted. The jerks left the bar, maybe not forever but for the night which should’ve given you plenty of time to cool down. So these guys, the “instigators” are troublemakers, hoodlums, assholes, whatever. I have been around many of them and don’t care for them, but guess what? I have been around many of the people involved on the so called receiving end, I don’t like them either. However, it doesn’t make me want to boycott an excellent establishment. It doesn’t make me create a slanderous campaign against individuals because they didn’t act in my favor. But that is just me and the majority of people I know. Moral of the story? Go to Clubhouse Jager. Have fun like you always have. If someone comes in you don’t like? Keep your slick mouth closed and leave if you need to. The owners/managers/bartenders aren’t your babysitters-nor do they need to be bullied into it.

  64. It’s amazing how quickly some people here are howling “victim”… those poor skinheads. Someone ASKED IF they were Nazis and their feelings were so hurt they just had to beat the crap out of a guy. It’s those people we were beating up that are the bigots, really… a classic example of the persecution mindset and false equivalence you will see in all sorts of Asatru and white supremacist literature and websites if you care to look.

    As to those who say I escalated anything… gee, I may have been a little upset after being punched in the head repeatedly by this giant mook for no reason, and cracking my skull on the floor (the CT scan I had at the ER after the dizzy spells continued for the rest of the night came back negative. The doc said it was a temporarily scrambled inner ear – the other possibility was a subdural hematoma, often fatal. Thanks for the concern). I think I may have said a few unkind things. But I wasn’t an instigator of violence at any point. Drawing that false equivalence really makes me wonder about the motives of the people saying it (who I can’t help noticing, are mostly the staff, who utterly failed to control the situation either through lack of interest or capability – hence my being attacked a second time after the initial burst of violence).

    There seems to be a genuine reluctance to confront the unpleasantness lurking under all of this, and I guess I understand the impulse. A lot of people have jobs and careers tied up in this place. Many of the staff seem to be friends with these people. Clubhouse Jager has a “scooter rally” event planned with this same group later this year (I couldn’t make this stuff up). It would be awkward to 86 them.

    We might all wish people like this had not glommed on to our scene. We might all wish not to think about the fact that denying the Holocaust is a hateful act, and about where our beer money is going. I know I would rather just hang out with my friends and listen to Jake spin good music without these thoughts having to cross my mind. Doubtless that is what some folks will choose to do.

    I do know one thing: this will not be the last time something like this happens. Getting drunk and finding someone to hurt is a lifestyle with people like this. It’s not a coincidence that they espouse the beliefs they do – it gives them justification for their behavior in their own minds. Sooner or later, someone will get hit or fall and crack their head and the CT scan won’t come back clear or will never happen. And probably my saying that right now seems alarmist to some of you.

    But that’s something I can’t help. Incidents like this have a way of casting light on people’s character. It’s been intructive, everyone. Thanks to everyone who has commented.

  65. There’s Allan, playing the “I’m so Jewish” card again. How many of those do you keep up your sleeve, you scoundrel!

  66. It is a card, I don’t get to play very often.

  67. Thank you Allan. I agree that things have gotten unfortunately nasty on this string. I really don’t want to lose Jager as a possibility for hanging out. I feel confident that the staff there will make the appropriate reassurances that these mods, skinheads, hooligans whatever they are will no longer be welcome and that Jager is indeed a safe place for people to hang out. I am not a staff member there. Just someone who is completely sympathetic to Ciaran for having to endure such a sucky and scary thing happening to them. Simultaneously, I have to be honest in saying that I hope this works out where amends can be made b/w Jager and Ciaran. As for the whole holocaust- skinhead connection… I’ll just leave that to conspiracy theorists. I’m too busy with weaving all kinds of conspiracy threads about the really scary people… those in charge of our govn’t right now.

    Let’s all make nice and figure out a resolution for this…

  68. I’m Jewish and I don’t like anyone from MN, even the so-called Jews who live here.

  69. I am really disappointed in the author of this blog. Simply put, if you are really a columnist you carry a responsibility that you clearly disregarded. This is grade school reporting. Your responses, started very objective but slowly dwindled into psychobabble, and I’m sorry… But you have also clearly disregarded your charge to be objective and have created spin to try to muster a boycott.

    citing fact based on someones Myspace friend list? Do you write your research papers by browsing through wikipedia as well?

    Are you being funny or serious? You’re losing your credibility with me, and my respect.


  70. Baby, I’m fucking scaring myself!

  71. Hello everyone,

    This is Jake R. (not to be confused with the Jake commenting above). I’ve been watching this blog since the beginning and even though I’ve wanted to chime in many times, I’ve hesitated to see how it would continue to unfold. I have to be honest and say that I’m a bit saddened by it all. In these last 6+ months I’ve been living a life that I wish upon none of you. I gave up a day job and income to provide care for a loved one who almost lost her life in the worst accident in the history of our state. Many of you know Mercedes’ life has been greatly altered permanently, and this incident has not only been a massive impact on her…but on me as well. In these last six months I’ve really learned what matters most to me and what my true priorities are in this life. I don’t mean to get so serious or even mushy, but everyone commenting on this blog means a lot to me…and to see you state cruel comments and have word wars cuts a bit deep. I’m honored that most of you have been to Transmission and by the sounds of it…are fans of the night. I’ve worked extremely hard in the past decade to build it up to what it is today. I actually passed on an offer to DJ Saturday nights in the First Avenue mainroom to continue my traditional weeknight gig. Yes, “Too Much Love” could have been “Transmission” but it’s not what I wanted it to become. The main reason I declined their generous offer is that I love DJing on the weeknights where it caters to all of you and not an additional 500 people coming in from all over the cities. I groove on the intimacy of the clubs I’ve spun at, and completely dig and respect supporting local musicians.

    Getting back to the past 6+ months, I’ve looked at going to Transmission each week as a way of just releasing my tensions. It’s where I get to leave home and the sight of wheelchairs, walkers, and my new handicap friendly bathroom. It’s where I get to throw down some drinks, play loud music, talk to some of my closest friends, make people dance and enjoy themselves and scream out a “fuck yeah” when they hear a song they love. I thrive off that energy! I never want that to be taken away, nor do I want to do anything that would jeopardize it. In 12 years of DJing I’ve never had anything like this happen at my night. Sure when I was downtown at Sursumcorda and the Imperial Room I had to deal with drunk jocks stumbling in asking me what kind of “faggot” music I was playing and make fun of the indie/new wavers and goth types shaking it out on the dance floor. But you know what…before I even had a chance to open my mouth, there were members of 3 local bands telling the Fred Durst look-a-like to take a hike (more or less) and sticking up for the music and night they loved to call their own.

    I love that. I want that to continue…and I know it can.

    Man, where do I even go next? I want to first say that I completely feel caught in the middle here as yes, I’m “just the guy who plays the tunes”, but I also have the power to pull the plug on this night and move it to the next club…which in fact I was planning to do after reading the blog. There was no way that 1) I would EVER work for a racist! And 2) intentionally put the patrons/my regulars and their invited guests in harms way. Before I made a brash decision like that I wanted to see/hear first hand from Julius (the owner of the club) what he was all about. I’ve invested a lot into making this night what it is at Jager, and as Ciaran mentioned in the blog, have finally found a groove where there is hardly ever a dead night. I’d be stupid to throw the towel in after all that labor…but again, there was no way in hell I would work for a racist. I’m marrying a beautiful woman who is half Mexican after all! So after taking Brian Setzer’s parking spot and catching the English Beat show at the Cabooze (great gig by the way) I downed a shot of Maker’s Mark (which I generally saved for sipping) and took off to Jager. I am not a fan of confrontation and don’t do too well in that category, but I needed to approach this subject head on with the owner.

    I’m not going to go into all of the details, but today I have a great deal of weight lifted off my shoulders as Julius is indeed not the man he’s painted out to be here. Unless he was lying to my face last night, he is not a racist, even admitted to my face that he believes the Holocaust happened to millions and feels absolutely sick that Jager’s staff and me are tangled up in a weird mess like this. I ask you, is it possible that the gentleman Ciaran interviewed for this blog (former GM Rickert Whyte) has lied about many things as he is upset about being let go from the club? I’ve also heard info about Mr. Whyte that could easily paint him in as negative a light as Julius has been painted, but as Tim and Angie have done in their comments, I too will take the high road. These concerns about Mr. Whyte will be addressed by Julius if he so chooses. I’m not the type to post a dirty laundry list about someone else.

    Julius placed Angie and Tim in charge of the club now and I’m excited for so many positive things to come. In a phone conversation with Tim this morning I reiterated to him that if indeed Julius was lying about everything we discussed last night I would quit in a heartbeat….and Tim said he would as well. Julius was the first one to say that a couple of changes needed to be made and those changes will be announced later this week. To all of the Transmission regulars who feel their safety is at risk coming down on a Wed. night…these changes have been made with you in mind.

    To close, I want to thank everyone for being passionate about these topics because they are serious. I also want to thank all of the responders for carefully wording their paragraphs so as to not slander Transmission itself. I don’t harbor any anger or hold any grudges on anyone involved. I just wish these fights never had happened…and I can almost guarantee that another will never happen on a Wednesday night…or any other night on the property of Jager. As Twisted Sister once said “I wanna rock!”…and it’s true, I do…and that’s all I want to do. Except maybe catch a little buzz to rock even harder!

    As one of my favorite human’s on this earth (Conan O’Brien) says – “Be cool my babies”

  72. Right on Soul Brutha Number 1!

    Rodney was right

  73. Well Jake, I wish you all the best my man. I’ve known you for many years now and I feel for Mercedes and yourself.

    All I can say is I’ve known Jake Nordin for many, many years and I don’t think he lied to me about his conversation with Julius. Some people here have said some very unpleasant things about the former GM, but I don’t believe he was lying to me either. In fact, Julius’ outspokenness in his beliefs made them the one of the worst kept secrets in Minneapolis. And I don’t believe the local musician I spoke with was lying to me about his conversation.

    That said, if Julius has had a sudden change of heart about his beliefs, I’m delighted. If Jager is making positive changes to make the bar safer, I’m also delighted. I look forward to seeing what those are. I will say that I do not for a moment think they would have been made had these issues not been raised.

    To all of you whose first impulse was to shoot the messenger, I understand. Some of you I will probably be having conversations with about what I wrote, and I’ll be happy to discuss and back up what I wrote 100%. I stand by my article and I stand by my research. Some others of you I’ll be watching my back for.

    Again, I encourage people to read what I actually wrote (and follow the links I provided) once their initial emotional responses have died down.


    ~ Ciaran Daly

  74. I thought the “I’m so Jewish card” was an Amex Black.

    We’ve been looking for a new home for our Tuesday noon Torah study group…is Clubhouse Jaeger open for lunch?

    gotta go…the World Bank is on line 2.

  75. Want to hear something funny!?!?
    I was at Grumpy’s last night and according to the bartender guess who is 86’ed for fighting?? Ciaran Daly!! HA!

    Yeah, lets all make this about the bar owner…

  76. Grumpy’s Northeast or Grumpy’s downtown? Let’s try to be a little more specific and responsible when you’re on the ‘hero, Janis.


    In other news, on mnspeak, Geoff called Ciaran “the Geraldo Rivera of the indie rock scene.”


  77. Honest to blog, when I read the OP on here before my first cup of coffee this morning I thought it was 1st person from Marsh…and I just couldn’t visualize a skinhead who outweighed him by 100 pounds.

  78. When I’m at the Green Mill I just stand at the end of the bar and bellow, “I came here to kick some skinhead ass and drink some beer–and the beer’s almost gone.”

    Psst, bartender, there’s no way you’re running out of beer, right? And I think that guy is just balding. Whew.”

  79. I don’t want to disagree with anyone’s point regarding the fact that they should be able to go to any public establishment in America without the threat of being physically harmed for any reason, by any person. -Especially over a beef as painfully played-out and lame as an ethnicity issue.
    However, I do feel the need to disagree with what I’ve been reading about the character of the staff at Clubhouse Jaeger. I cannot with any good conscience begin to believe that they are a bunch of nasty Jew-hating, racists. I feel I need to state this because my husband and I recently held our wedding reception at Clubhouse Jaeger….oh, and I’m Jewish.
    I first met owner, Julius De Roma through a friend when I asked if I could contact him to host an unrelated event at his space when Clubhouse Jaeger first opened. Mr. De Roma accepted the opportunity to get some new faces in his bar at the time of our meeting without any hesitation or strange ethnic background questions. He and his staff were very easy to work with, despite the fact that I am not a white person, nor do I have blond hair, blue eyes or a shaved head and tall Jew-stomping boots.
    In the end, the event we held was only marginally successful for the bar itself, but when I asked again a year later if I could host my best friend’s “post-wedding social” at his club, Julius was all ears…and heart.(At that time I was still not any whiter or any closer to becoming a Nazi, so I’m glad he still hadn’t made either a factor in my hosting an event in his establishment.) This time the event was a much more successful one for the bar $$wise. It was also a great night full of love and laughter that created more than a few return customers. The bar remained open to the public the night of that event, and it was really busy by 9:30pm. As full as the place was, there were no people threating my guests or lurking around the back door waiting to pummel anyone assisting the local Jews. I honestly hadn’t been watching out for anything like that, but I’m sure someone would have spoken up had there been a problem. In fact, we had such a good time that night, (-public and private party alike,) that my husband and I chose Clubhouse Jaeger to host our wedding reception this past January. This time, the space was offered to me gratis by the owner of the club in question, and the person in charge of the entire affair was Angie Heitz. Angie and I had never met prior to the owner of the club joining us to work together on my event, but she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She called me regularly to check on the progress of things, was re-assuring to me when I called her, and just plain gracious when it came to all the details and strangeness that come with planning your wedding reception.
    Furthermore, Angie had closed the club the night before my event and then returned to the club to let us in to set up and decorate at 11am the following day. She, her husband, and the club’s security person were there cleaning at least an hour prior to our arrival that morning. This included mopping up a bit of barf left in the men’s room the night before. (-Hope it wasn’t Jew barf, Angie.) All this was done without my asking for the help, and despite my non-Arian coloring.
    I had learned earlier in the month that Angie is the mother of two small children; and like you and me, she’s probably really tired after tending to drunks of all colors while working a long shift that ends after 3am. Despite all the work she didn’t have to do for us, she went above and beyond being helpful and assuring the entire day and evening of the event. She even brought my wedding party a bottle of champagne to toast with at dinner. I left the bar that night exhausted from laughter and fun, with hugs from the staff.
    I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I wouldn’t.
    My point is that my ethnic background has never been questioned by the owner of the club, or by any member of his staff, though I am clearly “not your average anglo.” The owner of the club and his staff have always been incredibly gracious and always professional, even loving. This is my extensive experience as a loyal patron of Clubhouse Jaeger, and I will stand by it.
    My heart goes out to anyone anywhere who has experienced violence as a result of their ethnicity, but I feel in my heart that the responsibility of such behavior is on the person committing the violent act and not the owner of the property where the tragedy took place.
    Further, I have been told by several sources close to the former General Manager of Clubhouse Jaeger that he was let go for professional reasons that are never acceptable, no matter where you work. It seems to me that the venom being spit from his direction might be due to the loss of a good thing (his job & his friends,) through his own bad behavior and misgivings. But that is neither here nor there in this matter. Thanks for reading.

    -Obviously NOT white patron and friend of Clubhouse Jaeger & it’s Management & Staff

  80. wow. If ever a comment on stephenhero had MSP Mag crossover potential, that was it. I can just see it now as part of an expose on “Alternative Wedding Reception Venues for Non-White Jews”

  81. Equating Asatru and Odinism with racism and nazism is as absurd as equating any other belief with the worst of it’s followers. Asatru does not have a “long history of violence and racism”. Most people who follow these beliefs will have nothing to do with Nazis and fascists.

    Learn about these things before posting lies.

  82. Anybody think it’s worth it at this point to go back and put all the umlauts in?

  83. That’s funny – I’ve been hanging at Grumpy’s for a while, NE (enjoyed a pizza there with some friends a few months back) and mostly Downtown. I go to Staraokeat Downtown all the time. Never been refused service. And I can’t recall ever getting in a fight there.

    I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but again: read what I actually wrote. I have not called the staff of Jager racist at any point. I have reported multiple conversations the owner had, which seem to indicate he is at best a holocaust revisionist (but apparently not one of lasting convictions).

    The facts are these: that this bar let a crew of skinheads with a known history of violence back in their bar, these people repeated their violent behavior, and not only were they not kicked out, they were sheltered from police attention by the staff of De la Roma’s bar.

    On investigation, it transpires some of this crew openly espouse that they are Asatru Odinists, a sect with a very long and bloody history within the white supremacist movement. Some of the staff, including the GM, are at least “e-friends” with these people.

    None of this has been refuted in any way.

    Now this could all be a coincidence. These could be pagan skinheads who are just randomly violent, who don’t happen to be racist, who don’t happen to know the owner’s beliefs (if he has any). But it certainly looks bad.

    As to the Asatru Odinist above who thinks the religion is no more associated with racism and violence than any other: I reprint the Southern Poverty Law Center article below.

    The New Barbarians
    New brand of Odinist religion on the march

    A neo-Pagan religion drawing on images of fiercely proud, boar-hunting Norsemen and their white-skinned Aryan womenfolk is increasingly taking root among Skinheads, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists across the nation.
    Asatrú leaders have opened prison ministries in at least five states recently, and their many jailed followers are heavily white supremacist. A leading proselytizer, iimprisoned terrorist David Lane, has been writing prolifically and influencing many to adopt his racist interpretations.

    Bob Mathews, the late founder of The Order, of which Lane was a member, adopted a series of related beliefs. A Denver Skinhead who confessed to the November murder of a man because he was black bears an Asatrú tattoo. Some key Asatrú leaders have known neo-Nazi or anti-Semitic backgrounds.

    “Suddenly,” says Phil Rodriguez, a gang investigator wit the Arizona state prison system, “Asatrú’s become the new big fad.”

    Asatrú (and Icelandic word meaning “belief in the Æesir,” or gods) has been officially recognized as a religion in Iceland since 1972. Historically, its architects have avoided racist interpretations of its Eurocentric cosmology.

    But in the United States, where insiders say 15 percent of Asatrúers follow an overtly racist version of the theology, a struggle is now going on for the hearts and minds of its followers.

    Experts say the religion, an offshoot of Odinism that emphasizes the magical elements of pre-Christian European polytheism, is gaining popularity among young, urban white supremacists who reject the Christian aspects of other theologies.

    “Asatrú is an effort to make religion more post-Modern, hip and appealing to a generation raised on rock music,” says Carl Raschke, a religion professor at the University of Denver who has studied white supremacist groups.

    “It is romantic, a kind of Teutonic mythology that gives them a cultural and religious identity.”

    Norse Gods and the Folk
    The religion, which revives a pre-Christian pantheon of Norse gods, is appealing to white supremacists because it mythologizes the virtues of early northern European whites — seen as wandering barbarians, deeply involved in a mystical relationship with nature, struggling heroically against the elements.

    It sings the virtues of the tribe, or folk, strongly emphasizing genetic closeness. And it credits whites with building civilization and an ethic of individual responsibility, even as they boldly slew wild boars, fought for their tribes and explored the far reaches of the known world.

    This appeal is not a new one.

    Odinism, which is closely related to Asatrú, was much favored in Nazi Germany. Its Nordic/Teutonic mythology was a bedrock belief for key Third Reich leaders, and it was an integral part of the initiation rites and cosmology of the elite Schutzstaffel (SS), which supervised Adolf Hitler’s network of death camps. Decades later, Odinism also influenced George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party.

    According to Jeffrey Kaplan, who wrote the 1997 study Radical Religion in America, an early international promoter was Australian Nazi sympathizer Alexander Rud Mills. Mills, in turn, deeply influenced a key American Odinist, Else Christensen, who published The Odinist newsletter in the early 1970s (Christensen was recently released from prison after serving a term for smuggling marijuana).

    Stephen McNallen, a Texan, formed the first American Asatrú organization, the Asatrú Free Assembly. But the perception of Nazi connections hurt him.

    By 1978, McNallen, while saying he sympathized with the “legitimate frustrations of white men who are concerned for their kind,” tried to lessen the “Nazi-Odinist identification.” In 1987, these pressures helped convince McNallen to shut down his group.

    Nazism and the Number Nine
    The key successor organization was the Asatrú Alliance, started after the Free Assembly’s demise by Arizonan Michael J. Murray (whose “magical” Asatrú name is “Valgard Murray”).

    As a teenager, Kaplan writes, Murray had been involved in the American Nazi Party, signing his letters “Heil Hitler!” into the late 1960s. In the 1970s, Murray became vice president of Christensen’s Odinist Fellowship.

    But by 1988, a year after he started the Asatrú Alliance, Murray found himself facing the same political pressures that McNallen had earlier. When a California neo-Nazi published a list of Murray’s followers, implying that they agreed with the Californian’s racial views, Murray wrote him an open letter saying the Alliance “does not advocate any type of political or racial extremist views or affiliations.”

    Also in the 1980s, Bob Mathews, founder of The Order, studied and practiced a variant of Odinism. In 1983, nine men led by Mathews took a “blood oath” over a six-week-old girl to create The Order, which would go on to murder and rob.

    The number nine was significant to Mathews, according to a book by Kevin Flynn and Gary Gerhardt, for religious reasons: Odin learned nine songs and hung for nine nights on Yggdrasill, the tree of knowledge; Heimdall, the watchman of the gods, had nine mothers; Thor stumbled nine steps before dying in his final battle.

    Today, David Lane, a leading player in The Order and one of the murderers of a Jewish talk show host in Denver, writes prolifically of Odinism in a series of right-wing publications.

    “The old gods and the old religion are ours and thus relate to our race-soul,” he wrote in one. “Through our myths and legends, we find a link to our past, and a rudder for our floundering race vessel.”

    Officials say Lane is worshipped as a folk hero by other imprisoned white followers of Asatrú and Odinism.

    Also in the prisons, Valgard Murray is now finding a new audience. The Asatrú Alliance’s publication, Vor Trú, lists seven prison ministries in five states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida and Indiana.

    In Arizona alone, prison investigator Rodriguez says, up to 300 inmates have become adherents, and many are violent white supremacists. The lead propagandist, he adds, is Valgard Murray.

    In Colorado, six imprisoned white supremacists formed a “kindred,” or local Asatrú group, between 1991 and 1996. In federal prisons, an official says, the faith has “taken off” in the last year, growing from a handful of believers to over 100.

    ‘A Racist and Proud of It’
    In the mid-1990s, McNallen formed the latest outside group, the Asatrú Folk Assembly. Kaplan writes that McNallen was worried that Asatrú “non-racialists” were making headway “with the message that anybody could be an Asatrúer.” McNallen wanted to emphasize that Asatrú was biologically linked to white Europeans.

    One leader of the Folk Assembly is a known neo-Nazi. Ronald (“Ragnar”) Schuett, guildmaster of the assembly’s Teaching Guild, is the former Colorado state organizer of the neo-Nazi SS Action Group.

    “I’m a white racist and proud of it,” he told a reporter while posing in a Nazi uniform in 1992. Officials say Schuett also is linked to the Rocky Mountain Hammerskins, a Skinhead group, and may have been the outside contact for imprisoned Colorado Asatrúers.

    Other Asatrúers have known anti-Semitic connections as well.

    For example, Mark Thomas (“Reinhold Gast”) Clinton, editor of the Asatrú journal Wolf Age, sponsored leading Holocaust denier David Irving at a 1992 gathering of the Siegfried Society in Portland, Ore. Clinton, a lawyer who once posed alongside a dead boar while holding a fearsome-looking spear, also was stopped by police in Portland in the company of two Skinhead leaders of the American Front, a neo-Nazi group. The three were reportedly handing out Holocaust denial literature.

    Now, officials fear Odinism and Asatrú are spreading rapidly through the white supremacist movement. Racist material related to both belief systems is hawked in Resistance, the leading racist rock magazine (see Resisting Arrest).

    A flier from the shadowy Erulian Brotherhood, entitled “Hail McVeigh,” was emblazoned with runes, the pre-Christian letters favored by Odinists. Denver Skinhead Nathan Thill, who told reporters he murdered a black man, had a “death rune” tattoo.

    Some 40 Websites are devoted to forms of Asatrú (most of them nonracist). Rashcke, the religion professor, says a recent biological terrorism threat in New York City may have come from Asatrúers.

    Raschke says the heroic tone of racist Asatrú helps to bind the white supremacist movement together. “If you want to create an illegal terrorist movement in a tolerant society like ours,” he concludes, “you have to create a legend, a myth.”

  84. anyone who is unable to properly employ weblinking prolly deserves a beatdown.

  85. I know and like several of the people involved here, to include Allan, Ciaran, Angie, and Jake, but not the owner of Club Jager.

    Allan, I am sorry you were pushed, for ANY reason.

    Ciaran, I am also sorry you were hit. I believe there is no excuse for that kind of violent behavior.

    Angie, I have faith that you did the best you could in an emergency situation. I am sorry that people have slandered you and your husband in the ways that they have following this incident.

    Jake, I am sorry you have to be involved in this at all.

    People who fight in bars should be kicked out. It sounds like this problem might be addressed now. Whether or not the person who did the hitting is racist or not, or was polite afterwards, it’s time for him to leave club Jager.

    Angie, I understand that Ciaran was angry and appeared combative after the incident and that his attitude may have affected your willingness or desire to further deal with him. But, commenting that the the person who hit Ciaran was more polite than Ciaran after the indicent isn’t going to ease communications and is not productive. It might lead one to think that you or the club condone violence. Ciaran, I understand that after the incident your emotions were heightened and that you beleived you were being treated unfairly. But when a person reacts angrily others may be less willing to help you. This appears to be where communication broke down, and where barriers were built. I hope that each of you are capable of respecting each other and can find a way to work this out to the satisfaction of everyone. It sounds like the bar could use to revisit their policies on who to kick out when. Maybe that will extend to kicking out people who act out violently or verbally.

    Whether the owner is racist or not isn’t something I want to delve into here, except to say that many of the people included in the incident knew about the owner’s previous comments months, if not over a year ago, and chose to continue going there. If people make a choice to not frequent the establishment based on their opinion about the owners beliefs, fine. If people decide they don’t know enough about the owner’s beliefs or that this isn’t a problem for them, fine.

    And finally, it all feels like high school where I am being forced to pick a side. I hated that kind of bs then, and I don’t like it now. I don’t want to pick a side. All I want to have a fucking beer, listen to some good music, and forget about the trouble in the world for a few short hours, and I feel like that has been tainted. I’m sad that this has become a problem for all of us who have enjoyed Transmission and Club Jager.

  86. this has been taken WAY out of context.

  87. I’d like to say I’m pro umlaut, by the way.

  88. The whole thing, from my end has gotten blown all out of proportion. And I’d like to apologize. Yes Julius did say some fucked up things to me that night a year and a half ago. And I did tell him (well yelled at him really) that I’d never come back to his bar (a rule I’ve broke only once for Michelle’s wedding reception oddly enough), and that I would shout from the mountaintops about his antisemitism. But my friend Chris was working there at the time so I let it go.

    I told Ciaran the story, a while ago, because the irony of a place with such a “quirky” (to use Angie’s term) owner becoming the new hipster haven was very rich. It all probably would have stayed, as so many public dirty little secrets do in this town, on the DL. Unfortunately for all of us who’ve been pulled in to this, either with or without permission, there is now an accounting to be done. As sucky and possibly ridiculous as that sounds.

    To that end I’ll say this: Julius is weird, and if you get him talking about politics, history, finance, etc. he may out himself about his racial politics (which are offensive, and I take seriously), but in my experience with him (which predated CHJ in fact) he’s been a gentleman… largely. So sufficed to say I feel shitty about dragging his name through the mud cuz even he doesn’t deserve that from me.

    As for the “Mods”, or whatever those cats were, it sounds like a fucked up situation. I wasn’t there, and only have Ciaran’s story to go by, but I’d know I’d be upset if some giant Odinist came after me try to put 2 1/2 inch wide Vespa skid mark up my back. I do hope y’all sort this out. Because clearly something like this shouldn’t happen. But hey 2 fights in a year? It’s not like it’s Palmer’s… yet

  89. I’d like to state here that every person quoted in the above blog post was quoted by permission, and asked if they were comfortable being quoted by name or wished to remain anonymous.

    To this tempest in a teacup (shitstorm in a Pabst bottle?) I’d like to add only this: either people’s beliefs are important or they’re not.

    It’s a free country and we can all say pretty much whatever we wish, but we can’t have it both ways: we can’t repeatedly and publicly make bigoted, ahistorical statements and then expect sympathy when people raise an eyebrow, in public, in private or in print. We can’t openly associate ourselves with a religion whose recent history is awash in blood and bigotry and then claim persecution when this history is no more than pointed out. The onus is on the believer in such wacky cults to explain themselves to the rest of us, not vice versa. Or so I thought until I read the responses in this blog.

    In the end, most people will believe what is convenient for them to believe. It’s a pain in the ass really, thinking through the implications of your lifestyle choices. Most of us would prefer not to (I preferred not to, until it literally punched me in the face). Most of us are annoyed to have the implications pointed out to us. But they’re still there.

  90. I would like to comment again. Without ill will, on behalf of myself and not just my connection to the bar, which I hold dearly.

    I am hurt deeply. I’ve lost sleep, my appetite, and unfortunately some respect for people I once regarded well, because of this. I feel i’ve been implicated as well as my wife (I will allow her to defend herself) as a racist. And nothing could hurt me more, as you could well imagine.

    I have been a member of the music community in the twin cities since the early 90’s, and have tried hard to earn the respect of everyone I encounter, including Ciaran, from the onset. The fact that I have walked so carefully, and wanted to do nothing but good things seems to have been disregarded completely. You can ask anyone about me and how I operate, I believe in good things.

    I go from my gut, with everything. When I meet someone I “feel” them inside. when I met Julius I felt nothing but good things immediately, and have felt nothing different since. Like I said before he trusts me, and I value that trust and return it to him with respect for a man that’s seen many more miles than me.

    I don’t expect an apology, or even anything but venom at this point. But I must say for the record that I apologize to everyone : Ciaran, Allan, Jake, and all of the musicians and fans of Transmission. I respect your right to say what you want and feel how you want. How could I feel otherwise?

    I don’t care if I make money at this job, even though as a stay at home dad it’s my only income (meager as it is). I don’t care if Jake Rudh wants to move his night, I told him as much, and only want his happiness. And, at this point, I don’t even care if anyone goes to the bar anymore. I just want all of this to stop. Now.

    As I said before Ang is my wife and I back her 100%. And we are trying to contact everyone involved in these incidents so that we can make things right for everyone, especially those I mentioned above.

    And please, all of you who already love the bar and are angry about this, don’t feed this insane machine anymore. We love you and want you all to come to the bar happy, and ready for a good time.

    Timothy Sean Ritter

  91. Would you guys be open to having me DJ a Klezmer night?

  92. Hell yes.

  93. Hi Tim. Apology accepted. If you got my e-mail, you’ve had my cell phone etc. for a while now. You’re welcome to give me a call.

    One more time: if you read what I wrote, you’ll notice I went out of my way not to call either you or your wife or the staff racists. If you feel you’ve both been tarred with that brush because of where you work, I’m sorry but I’m not the guy you need to be looking at.

  94. I’m done with this Ciaran. Thank you for accepting my apology.

  95. I once knew a guy that was building a spaceship in his apartment on the West Bank. As long as he treated me with respect, it didn’t much concern me. Whatever Julius does or does not believe really is not my concern as long he respects people and treats them fairly. If the mods or skinheads want to believe in Odin, spirits or any other religious affiliation is also not my concern. In fact it has been my experience, that whatever the professed politics of the various skin heads I’ve known they were basically the same. Men that like to get into fights will generally find some excuse to do so. If I wanted to hang out with people like that, I would be spending my time at Palmer’s where I am at least likely to know a few of them. I like Jake (both Rudh and the other); I like Angie; I am sure if I knew Tim better I would like him as well. Jager has been favorite bar almost since it opened. I have been one of the bars and Transmissions biggest supporters. With the exception of the events of 2/6, I have always been treated extraordinarily well there. Ciaran has taken a bit of blow back here because of his reputation as a bit of a scrapper. Even going so far as to pull quotes from his blog out of context. In this case, that is completely unfair. This was an altercation that was started by Chris Miller. Ciaran got between me and Mr Miller and things escalated. The violence was started by Mr Miller and the first punch was thrown by him. My primary concern has been the safety and security of my friends and fellow patrons. If the management of Club Jager addressed my concerns in that area I would go back in a second. I have made my opinions on that clear to Ciaran and a number of other people that have asked.

  96. I already like you Allan. Thanks for being a strong voice of reason in all this.

    I feel have to say for the record that Ciaran is indeed the fine fellow. And that any attacks on his character here are just as damaging, if not worse than any of the perceived implications about me, my wife, and the bar & staff.

    Why? Because he stands up for his friends, the music scene he loves, and just humanity in general with an intensity I find honorable. The fact that he was fired up about all of these issues, and generated emotions of this magnitude and scope says enough in itself. It was spun out of control, but it seems threads often do when so many feel so strongly.

    We were able to speak on the phone and had a good discussion. And I believe we are rounding a corner here. To me this is all a blessing in disguise, and can only lead to better things.

  97. would all of you STOP WHINING! Ciaran, why do you have to repeatedly argue on and on and on. Angie said that you wouldn’t stop fighting after the other parties had paid their bill and were leaving, well, you’re doing it here too. LET IT GO! If you were so secure with your point of view you would not need to post rebuttle after rebuttle after rebuttle.

  98. Dear Anonymous,

    unlike your spellchecker, justice never sleeps.

  99. So some people can’t spell rebuttal. The comment can still stand.

  100. Interesting to find out that Jaegar de Roma and Club Jaegar held host to a Ron Paul meetup. For those of you naive about Ron Paul, his politics have and are generally racist and anti-semetic. Ron Paul has strong support among the “Patriot” and “Aryan” movements.

  101. I like the new JMS Thor over the now ruined Ult Thor. Thanks, loeb.


  102. Well, judging by the incidents at Transmission and this week’s Citypages cover, to say nothing of my sister’s rather disastrous haircut, the word “Skinhead” does indeed seem to be in the air. More than a word, it’s a “sign” that fuels unsettlement, anger, and frustration. But all joking aside, as pertaining to the events at Ole Tranniemission at Club Jager a couple of weeks ago, I would like to motivate regulars and the curios alike to be resonant before making harsh decisions (for instance: boycotting).
    To preface, a word that’s always made me a bit uncomfortable has been “scene”, because, well, I don’t really know to which one I belong. Indie-rockers, glam-rockers, metal-heads, dark-sider goths, prog nerds, gay-bar dance fiends, arena-rock enthusiasists, fashionistas, new romantics, even those sometimes-smelly folksy hippies – I seem to get along with all sorts, and pick and choose as my mood desires. Consequently, I do not consider myself as having allegiance to a scene, as much as I do to a “good time.” My playlist has no color guard, and I set my Pet Shop Boys next to Townes Van Zandt, Billy Corgan next to Stephen Malkmus, Jonathan Richman seated next to Geddy Lee, Henry Rollins, however begrudgingly, giving a piggy-back to Morrissey. Yes, even Damon Albarn and the Gallagher Bros. are square dancing lovingly and eye-to-eye in this world.
    Now, whatever the “scene” is in Minneapolis, it’s always been vast, with a general assembly of familiar faces, but never being specific. It is in any case completely accurate to state that DJ Jake Rudh’s Transmission has always been a staple of the “scene”, whatever that is. He’s coincided with the best local bands attending, playing the best music old and new, sticking it out through the thick and thin, from Dinkytown to downtown to Dive Ave to his present outpost, Club Jager, where the alchemy has, in my opinion, worked the best. This lovechild of Jake, so named Transmission, was probably a good experiment for the Minneapolis music scene, though it suffered through numerous growing pains (sometimes at the Hexagon, the night would be sparse with people on a consecutive basis – which I would attribute to the geographical location; kids like me don’t like the venture on the other side of 55). But now it has blossomed into something solid and always worthwhile. Part of the reason for Jake’s success has to do with his generosity and utter openness. He understands something: there’s a hell of a lot you can dance to; his dance floor thus becomes a virtual pride parade of different colors. And though I confess this parade may sometimes be more dissonant than warmly harmonic, it still delivers rhapsodically.
    And then there was…blood. Speaking as one that was there at the novelty Mods vs. Rockers revival screening that occurred at Jager (having a front-row ticket, actually, my pants getting doused with liquor – at least that’s what I tell people), I can attest that it was a unique affair, and far from a regularity (only the second violent incident). I should stress that as a weekly regular at Jager, I still feel as safe there as I would at any other bar in the Twin Cities, if not more so, given the comfort the Transmission party has afforded me over its run there. And I should like to keep on going there and seeing worlds brought together (such as Jake has accomplished) rather than seeing them torn asunder (such as involves only a small handful of individuals).
    And what of those said individuals (oh hell, let’s just call’em The Mods!)? From what I witnessed, the Mods did indeed seem the aggressors in the infamous incident (Ciaran and Allan are, from the times I’ve spoken with them, swell guys, always very personable and polite). For my own part, until this incident, I was hardly aware of the ties between racist countercultural outfits and the mod movement – a testament to my knowledge of “scenes”. And of course, what are we to make of those coincidences involving Julius de la Roma (speaking as someone who’s obsessed with the demonic element in German culture, that Jager should be some kind of safe-haven for a holocaust denier, makes it darkly fascinating; yet being that Angie, the GM, is such a wonderful individual, I really can’t paint Jager black).
    My point is that the night itself (Transmission) should supersede the fringe elements of Club Jager, whatever they are. Instead of boycotting or running away when a hazardous element leers around the corner, let’s stand our ground, or dance on our ground at least. Transmission, as a night, has brought a lot more people together than just about any other night I can think on in the cities. It’s given us a lot of good times, and I believe it will continue to do so. Taking cue from Bill and Ted, let’s not only be excellent to each other, but we can’t forget to party on, dudes.

  103. …knock it off…

  104. Mods vs. Rockers does not equal Skinheads vs. Hipsters.

  105. Just a couple quick comments, I am sure there have been several who have come to Club Jager’s defense, some who have condemned it and some who just looked no further than the initial comment and just decided they would never go to Jager (typical Americans dont bother digging for the truth, they just buy whatever crap is tossed at them…look who we have for a president for crying out loud).

    I have been a regular at this establishment since almost the time it opened its doors. I have hung out with and had long conversations with many of the names that have been tossed about in this slanderous story and follow up commentary.

    Rickert (Rick) – former GM, fired by management for being completely drunk or coked up a majority of the time he was supposed to be managing. Of course he denies this claim, but everyone else who works at the bar knows it’s true and admits it. Also, from my personal point of view, I had wondered for a long time why De Roma kept him around for so long. He was often in peoples faces and beligerent. Frequently the bar wasn’t properly stocked because Rick preferred to walk around the place claiming to be an owner and bs’ing with customers than to actually do any work. I won’t slam the man completely. Admittedly I have had some fun and interesting conversations with him both at the bar and at other locations and events. He can be a very nice man, unfortunately he has chemical abuse problems and a penchant for bs that make it hard to really believe anything he says.

    Angie – Current GM and bar manager. I don’t know too much about her other than she knows her job and seems to genuinely care about what happens at the bar. She’s very nice and her husband is also a very nice guy. I base this on several different conversations had with either or both of them.

    Jessie – former bartender. fired by Rick because she was talking shit about him. Of course making negative comments about your boss is a legitimate reason to be canned from most jobs, it’s just too bad she couldn’t have stuck it out a little while longer to see her boss (Rick) fired and to prove her case.

    Julius – Ahhh.. on to the owner. I have had many lengthy conversations with Julius. He has been nothing but kind and pleasant to me. In the interest of full disclosure, yes I am a white male. However, I have many friends who are regular or semi-regular to the bar and they are not white and have always been welcomed and spoken to equally by Julius. Furthermore, many ethnic performers have graced the stage at Jager. Would you let racial diverse bands perform at your bar if you were all of the things this article claims Julius is? Of course you wouldn’t. This man is very intelligent, I could understand his humor (which is often dry) sometimes being misunderstood, but never once have I heard him say anything that could be construed as racist or “jager-uber-alles” as it were.

    I cannot say that skinheads have never hung at club jager, but I can say UNEQUIVICALLY that I have never seen any skinheads there. Of course if skinheads do show up, order drinks and mind their business they have as much right to be there as everyone else, despite what you or I might think of their politics or beliefs.

    In Summary….the writer of this article is a liar and if he even interviewed those he claims to have, they are also liars.


    In addition – the only problem I have with Jager is that it is in the shadow of the new stadium. Meaning that in the near future it could sadly become a hang out for Sports idiots. Hopefully Jager’s quality beer selection and lack of tv’s will keep these types away.

  106. OMG.
    Ciaran Daly… “respected musician”… (the only people left in this town this blow-hard HACK hasn’t pissed off/alienated, are his brother, talentless girlfriend, and a couple off hacks that are lame enough to play in his crap “band”.)

    “Fine Gentlemen” I have personally witnessed this pseudo-intellectual START several bar brawls (he considers himself a “boxer”) with strangers… all while his constant shadow “Allen” lurks close by, ready to break it up before he really gets his ass whooped.

    NO ONE who really knows this jerk-off would consider any of this credible “journalism”… go ahead and peruse his posts on a message board, where he boasts of taunting would be aggressors, his band getting “signed”, various sexual conquests, and even outing his special “friend” Allen as a aficionado of bondage and gay porn.

    For special fun, check out where he posts about throwing a BEER BOTTLE AT HIS SISTER’S FACE…

    Go ahead, it’ll make things a little more clear as to how to take this “Geraldo Rivera of the MPLS indie rock scene.”


    “As my gf, our friend [EDITED] and my buddy [EDITED] were walking in Uptown last week, we passed two very jockish guys smoking outside. One of them said “You guys are dating fags, by the way”. I smiled, turned around and approached the one who spoke. “Shall we be tough guys? Let’s be tough guys” I said. “Because I guarantee you the confrontation you’re thinking of in your head won’t turn out that way.” He said nothing, just smoked and looked scared. His friend looked at him with very big eyes. I continued to hold his gaze and said “Anything? Anything at all? No? I thought not. You fuck.” And turned on my heel and walked away. He then called out “That was totally uncalled for. I apologize.” And I wished him a good night.”

    A fine gentleman indeed!!!!

  108. Apparently someone has an ax to grind. I don’t start fights. If someone has witnessed me starting one, hey I’m sure they’re comfortable saying their names and when and where and backing it up. I do stick up for myself and I do stick up for my friends, and I don’t like running from bullies, and sometimes that goes where it goes.

    As for that internet shit above, uh whatever.

    For the record, Allan’s painfully straight, although we did have a hilarious misunderstanding once when we were roommates. Although even if he were gay and into watching skinheads get assfucked while they wore ballgags, I don’t see how that would be a bad thing. Oh wait, unless that’s a hate crime? This is so confusing…

    What I came online to talk about is this:

    I’ve talked with Tim, he seems like a really cool, decent guy. He gave me some of the background on this crew of skins that he and Angie discovered – namely that Mr. Miller appears to have been kicked out of every bar in Minneapolis for attacking people. I’m satisfied Angie and Tim and the staff at Jager had no idea who they were letting into their club and are not friends with these people irl. I’m really glad they’re making the place safer and have 86d those guys. The Asatruer thing, who knows. Maybe they’re a cuddlier branch than the ones that stomp black homeless people to death to get their red laces. I don’t really care.

    What looked to me like a somewhat sinister confluence of events at first now appears to be a situation that was handled badly initially but has now been addressed forcefully and appropriately by Angie. And I think the staff at Jager are going to do a really good job with that stuff moving forward. I wish them, and Jake, luck.

    Tim’s asked me if I’ll be coming back to Transmission and I can’t say how much I appreciate that. When I called him about this he was, in his own words, a perfect gentleman. He’s reached out when the easy thing to do was the opposite, which takes its own kind of courage. I’d like to thank him publicly for doing that, and say that I think Angie’s a solid person.

    On the question of dropping in to see Jake spin again, I’ve got some thinking to do. Maybe one day I’ll be there for someone’s wedding or something. Y’all take care.

  109. Sorry, but that article from the SPLC is not only ten years old, it’s full of shit.

    I don’t know a single racist, nazi member of Asatru. I’m sure there are some, just like the many racist, asshole “Christians” out there.

    You list one single old article, one source. I’m sure I could find all sorts os assholes that believe whatever it is that you believe in as well.

  110. THE END

  111. I’ve been going to Jager since it opened. I know Angie, Tim, Rick, and Julius and I like them all. I only recently heard about this debacle and am surprised that such a ruckus has been raised about it. A bar fight is a bar fight. No matter who you are, whether you are defending or instigating, no matter if it’s your friends bar, their house, or what-have-you, it’s not going to be looked at as a friendly action. Whether or not the owner has crazy old-time political views that are not PC, it definitely doesn’t mean the staff or patrons are reflections of that, which some of the posts have hinted at. And for the record, I have never witnessed Julius make anyone feel uncomfortable, or treat anyone differently at the bar based on religion or race – ever.

    Angie and Tim have turned Jager into a cool place for all of us, with hard work, dedication, (and fantastic musical taste and bartending skills!), and I’ll keep going for them…I also promise never to start a fight!

  112. I would have liked to have gone to this place with the coked out drunk manager. He sounds fun. Can we talk about something else now, like calling guys who like sports idiots?

  113. It’s true, give people enough rope, and they WILL hang themselves. Ciaran Daly and Stephan Hero have revealed themselves to be ignorant bigots straight through to the core. The Mods have conducted themselves with class, owning up to their end of the fight, and calmly paying their tab while apologizing later to the staff.

    Ciaran makes himself appear to be, as reports in this thread indicate, someone with an ax to grind who likes to shoot off at the mouth (or keyboard) and say offensive things. Because he lost a fight, and it appears, his dignity, he tries to discredit the staff and the clientele of the club to make himself look better. He posts over and again a far-less-than-reputable link to support his personal bias. He appears to hope beyond desperate hope that its repetition will make it true, or that someone will swallow it. He constantly tries to peg his adversary and the establishment as racist and violent when nothing could be further than the truth.

    But then, he’s not interested in the truth, is he?

    He’s not interested in the fact that at least one of the mods is Jewish, or that the man in question is honorable. He’s not interested in the fact that the group routinely polices its own and stays out of trouble (and I’ve been frequenting the same places as them for 8 years). Ciaran is definitely not interested in the fact that people of all faiths, gender, ethnicities, sexual orientations and
    religions have been made welcome by the group.

    No, he doesn’t want the facts, because they would make his screed look like the tantrum it is, as he beats his tiny fists and screams lies until we grow weary and ignore him. Ciaran is not interested in the truth. He wants to make himself look better because his pride was hurt and the only way the little man can look big is by trying to take down others because his own spirit is so tiny, as evidenced by his continued attacks against a faith.

    The only bigots on this board are not the staff and clients of Jager, but Ciaran Daly and Stephan Hero. Substitute “Queer black Jew” for Asatru or Odinist in their posts, and it swiftly becomes clear who is close-minded and exclusionary (not to mention uncreative). It’s sad and shameful really.

    I’ll be frequenting Jaeger just because I know I’ll be safe from dealing with people of this ilk and there will be fewer drama-whores there. I’ll bring friends. The loss of people who will leave due to hearsay and slander will be more than made up by people worth hanging out with, people who roll their eyes at nonsense like this. Thanks guys, your little grudge and bad research has made Jager THE hot new place to be.
    “There is a very strong anti-racist, anti-Nazi stance among national Asatru groups in the Scandinavian countries. This is also found in almost all Asatru groups in English speaking countries. They typically have a clear rejection of racism written into their constitutions. Unfortunately, some anti-racism groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (in its Megiddo report) have mistakenly accused the entire religion of racism.”

  114. 1) If you are accusing someone of lies, show where they lied. Shouting “liar” means nothing.

    2) If these people are so “honorable”, why are they now 86d?

    3) If you have the courage of your convictions, where are your names?

    4) If you think SPLC and the FBI are wrong, cite sources discrediting them.

  115. THE END ll

  116. “Anonymous”, did you not read the link? What makes the SPLC any more reputable than this? And the FBI? Give us a fucking break.

    Lucky is right on. Ciaran, please just stick to telling us more about your wonderful Rock Star lifestyle, your tours, your major label signing, the Big Time.
    It’s so glamorous.

  117. Well…
    This is interesting!

    “Why is this insufferable protomcwop jew polluting my thread?”

    Who’s the bigot now…?

  118. O. My. Ghad.
    What a D Bag.

    “I go out on my own and two girls a night ask me if I’m single. It’s a form of torture.”

  119. Funny how Irish accents can stay with someone who lived in Edina and has been in the US longer than in the Old Country. McDouche.

  120. This thread is the biggest douche line ever. I’m going back to MNspeak, at least there the douche factor is intermixed with current events. To all above… get a life. Each and everyone of you.

  121. wow some people have way too much time on their hands to scour through ciaran’s old posts hunting for “ammunition.” hey jerk offs, why don’t you grow a freaking pair and get a life? oh while you’re at it, if you’re so damn perfect yourselves, why don’t you reveal your identity instead of hiding being ‘anonymous’ bullshit. ciaran seems to have posted personal shit a/b his ideas and experiences and not all of them are rosey. but I’m sure if you put yourself out there, it would be revealed that parts of you suck, too. i don’t necessarily agree w/ciaran and you don’t have to either, but you sure seem to be obsessed with him. get over it and move on. oh and the dude doesn’t have an accent (well except maybe a midwestern one). anyway yeah, the original matter and the parties and issues involved seem to have worked themselves out. agree to disagree, but don’t be anonymous haters. it’s not good for your karma and you basically sound like whiney losers.

  122. no signing off “whatever” is somehow different than signing “anonymous”…….. idiot. Stop wasting my time with your contradiction of a posting

  123. seems like ‘anonymous’ is wasting his own time by even being here..

  124. the people are 86’d ciaran and chris both you can stop bitching now thank you

  125. Wow, I seriously cannot believe how many of you are ignorant fuckface morons.
    Its funny, I am Jewish and Chris Miller is one of my best friends, I always wondered why he would turn on that wood burning stove in his living room, only when I came over…
    I think secretly he wanted to throw me in so he could revisit his favorite part of history.
    Though, I am sure if they were out to get me i’d already be buried in their back yard with the rest of the dumb Jews that try to be friends with nazis.
    I guess if you want to believe that people that are Asatru are racist nazi scum than it would be safe to say that the star of david neclace I received from a friend and a member of asatru at their Yule celebration is probably covered in poison, I mean thats a good way to kill a jew…right? I guess i’d probably already be dead though since I wear it a few times a week.
    When I sit down and read a book I dont ususally believe everything the book says, especially when it is an opinionated peice of literature, Obviously there are going to be several points of view about asatru, some say because most people who are asatru are white (considering its a norse religion) are racists…which is entirely fictitious.
    Why is it that people who aren’t of some kind of colour are not allowed to appreciate and celebrate their heritage and ancestrial traditions? Does going to the synogogue make ME a bad person, I am celebrating my heritage and preserving my families traditions, but since we were a once oppressed group of people it is okay. On that note, did anyone know that the word “slavic” actually came from the word slave…and slavic people are…what colour? OHHHHH they are white aren’t they? Every group of people has been oppressed at some point, white people haven’t always been the oppressors.
    Chris Miller, and I amongst others’ are skinheads, if you want to believe we are crazed nazis because we listen to soul, reggae and ska, than that is your prerogative, be sure to not congratulate yourself too much because you are not the first.
    As for the first fight, ciaran doesn’t know the facts in this situation because he was not there…I WAS. Someone decided they were going to talk shit about our religions SURPRISE, apparantly people are allowed to say that jews and astrus should all burn in hell…I guess thats not something a nazi would say at all is it? Our friend Todd caught wind of this and he actually took a punch at Dan Larsen, who is actually a friend of mine from high school whom I know wouldn’t say anything like that, our friend did punch the wrong person, but to say anything resulted in a “beating” is a complete exaduration, If you think that ONE punch is a beating than you haven’t seen shit…oh wait…im sure you remember what happened when you opened your mouth on feb 6th…which actually DID result in a beating…who takes a swing at a guy 3 times their size? I mean…I probably wouldn’t…lets take a vote.
    And before I babble on too much I am going to have to say that your conspiracy theory really doesn’t have any basis at all. If chris was a nazi, He wouldn’t be best friends with me, If julius was a racist he wouldn’t have hired those 2 lazy jews in the first place, I dont think people hire people they are intolerant of only to fire them later, Maybe Angie knew that you and my friends are regulars and since that is a fact she was gracious by saying no one was to be 86ed, she wasn’t trying to protect Chris, even though I am sure she saw the whole thing…while also making drinks, closing tabs, opening tabs and other duties relating to being a bartender/manager…and she totally decided to pick chris’s side because he is an untouchable jew loving nazi…
    Ciarian whats the real issue here? Does this “need for attention” stem back to when you were 17 and your mom didn’t attend your ballet recidal…aw, I think picking fights with bigger dudes isn’t the best way to get attention…maybe if you’re a 5 year old and you want to be sent home for bad behavior…oooh wait a better way is to change the story, make it about something else and then try to get everyone to feel sorry for you. Hunny, I am sure your part in the nutcracker was very compelling.

  126. Jessica… your logic is the most insane I’ve ever seen. It’s great that you think it’s no big deal that your friend “accidentally” punched out the wrong person. However, if a stranger just socked you in the face, you probably wouldn’t be thinking the same thing. If you are friends with people who resort to violence to solve disputes then they’re not welcome around me. I don’t want to get shoved, accidentally punched if I’m just grabbing a beer at a local hang out. Remove all of the racism, Nazi name calling and this discourse comes down to one thing- violence is never acceptable. That’s why you and your friends are no longer welcome in Jager and I don’t have to worry about being accidentally sucked punched from some moron who’s too drunk to tell who he’s hitting.

  127. Coolio, except I wasn’t kicked out, so see you around pretty lady. :)
    P.s. If someone hits me or pushes me I am going to react violently, Ciaran pushed Chris and Chris fought back violently.
    The guy that hit Dan, I only met a few days before since he lives in florida, but if you want we could probably fly him up here to meet you? I wasn’t saying it was no big deal at all, Obviously, like I said before, Dan’s one of my friends, I stayed after to appologize and I tried to get it sorted out because It was fucked up.

  128. Thanks for calling me a pretty lady. I’m a gay male so I don’t really like the ladies… well at least not that way. My only point is that as a minority I want to feel safe where I hang out. Sounds like you and your friends are violent. I avoid violence and drama. Hence I don’t want to meet you b/c you sound like a big old drama queen. I have enough queens to deal with as is. Get into a fight at Jager and you’ll be out the door too. Seriously… this is stupid. Let everyone chill out and drink beer. Word to the wise… if your friends are pulling you into a drama vortex, perhaps a good old fashioned dance off might be more enjoyable than fist fights.

  129. oh honey! I have never been involved in a fight in my life…except with my sister which doesn’t really count, I am not condoning violence I am just saying if it happens it happens, no one is going to pin point you for being gay more than me for being jewish or being a woman, so shut up with the whole “im a gay minority” bit. Its over played.

  130. “Gay= Minority”… Oh Puh-LEEEZE.

  131. hey Oh Honey!, for someone who avoids drama you seem to revel in it. As to violence, I also don’t like being involved in violence, but I accept the possibility every time I step out my door, and I accept the fact that violence is sometimes necessary. By going to the bar to have a few drinks, I also accept that there may be violence. It’s part of the risk you take by going out.

    Humans by nature are violent beings. We always have been, we always will be. Some are more violent than others, they tend to get ganged up on at some point and taught a violent lesson. There are those that are less violent than others, and they get walked over, subjugated, and tormented because they won’t defend themselves. Give me a single year where there was not a war happening somewhere. In the last century, how much of our technology was developed because of violence, or the threat of violence?

    People also have the natural right to defend themselves. If something happens to me that I perceive as an act of aggression, I will do whatever needs to be done to eliminate that threat. If I am attacked in a bar, I will retaliate. Just as it appears Chris did. Bar fights happen. It comes with having bars. It comes with arrogant twerps with small-man syndrome who need to prove they are a man by picking a fight with someone much bigger than themselves.

    I will be going back to Jaeger. If Chris or somebody else hits me, so be it. That is the risk I will take. If you are not willing to take that risk, go to your local coffee shack, listen to bad poetry, sip your latte, and be comfortable (and supposedly safe) in your decision to avoid a place where violence may erupt.

  132. Josh and Jessica your logic is completley fucked up. When I got out to a bar, I’m not going to the Iraqi war zone. I’m going to meet friends and chill out. No one going to a bar like Club Jager has to expect violence or bar fights. That’s why bars have bouncers and security to bounce dumbasses like you out the door. You are seriously a dillhole. To link this thread with war… talk about over shooting the moon. With such leaps and bounds in your logic, no wonder you expect to be smacked every time you open your mouth. If you run around like a hyper vigilante, then people react to you aggressively. I’m guessing it’s within your realm of experience to have people throw punches at you for being a douche. For the rest of us who are calm, chill and not insance, that experience isn’t within what I deem exceptable risk or the norm.

    Besides whatever the size of the man, it takes a bigger and wiser man to walk away from a fight.

  133. Sounds like Josh hasn’t evolved since the era of the caveman. Last time I checked it wasn’t the meatheads swinging clubs that were running the show. Trying to relive your glory days in high school when you beat up geeks for their lunch money? You must just be pissed that you’re filling up their beamers at the gas station. Go lament your mediocrity some place where someone cares!

  134. Guys, guys, guys. I did not hang for 40 days and nights from Yggdrasil and pluck out my own eye for wisdom to watch my followers lie about who started a tavern brawl. Come now. That’s Loki shit -and we all know where that got him, right? If you want me to send the Rumplemintz chick (yeah, she’s up here) to pick you out and bring you to the Great Bar Brawl in the Sky when you snuff it, straighten up and fly right. Odin hates a lie, knowmsayin’? Anyway, I’ve got some mead and wenches to attend to, and I have to lay some booty 5 to 1 on the Eirikr “the Red” Þorvaldsson vs Haakon Sigurdsson throw down coming up, so that’s all I got.

    Keep troth,

    ~ O.A.F.

  135. 1) I never said that I enjoy violence or that I like getting into fights.

    2) Bars have bouncers because they are prepared for violence that may erupt. Hopefully it doesn’t, but better safe than sorry right?

    3) The last person to throw a punch at me was nearly 8 years ago. Yep, I’m a douche with lots of experience at getting punches thrown at me. Thanks for reminding me.

    4) I wouldn’t deem it an “exceptable risk” (your spelling, Oh Honey!) either to have somebody attack me. But the risk of that happening to me is at an acceptable level for me to go out.

    5) It might take the bigger and wiser man to walk away from the possibility of a fight, but once it’s started it’s not always the wisest option to walk away.

    6) I was the geek getting beat up in high school. I didn’t like that, so I learned how to prevent that from happening and decreased the likelihood of losing my lunch money.

    7) You’re right, I don’t like filling up other people’s beamers. Which is why I don’t, and why I happen to wear a white collar to work, not a blue.

    8) Instead of attacking me personally, why don’t you try attacking my statements instead. I’ve numbered them to make it easier for you this time.

    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

  136. I’ve never been at a more mellow venue and never met a nicer group of regulars and employees. You would seriously have to go out of your way to have trouble there.

    I think Godwin’s law applies here.'s_law

    Seems like a guy got his ego bruised a little bit and now has to do a little bit of name calling to make himself feel better.

    You might want to go back to junior high, you’ll feel a lot more at home.

  137. Let’s face it, the guy is a pompous ass.

  138. Tell that to Josh above you who seems to think that going to a bar is engaging in warfare.

  139. So I’m a pompous ass now? Do you make yourself feel better by calling me names? Or are you so juvenile that you’ve never learned to debate on the subject at hand but must regress into name calling?

    I’m still waiting for you to refute my points and pose a logical argument instead of attempting to insult me and call me names.

    And here’s a personal attack from me to you. You claim to avaoid drama, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, you sure do revel in being involved in it. There, does me sinking to your level and insulting you make you feel better?

    *yawn* I’m getting bored with this. And why shouldn’t I be? Since you can’t even frame an argument or rebuttal to anything I’ve said, but insist on whining on what a dillhole, douche, dumbass, pompous ass meathead that I am. I submit, you can call me more names than I can call you. You win. You’ve proven to me that you can’t even hold a debate without belittling (well, trying to at any rate) your opponent. Yep you are the bigger man because you can insult me and completely ignore my statements or even attempting to counter them.

  140. fuck all that shit. no excuses left for anyone. anti-semitism on any level should not only be unexcused, but protested and extingushed. clubhouse jager sounds like a Nazi bar anyways.

  141. Wow, just saw this thread . . . wish I had made it here sooner to clear up a couple of things (Jessica almost nailed it!) . . . perhaps it will help all sides mend their differences.

    I play in White Light Riot with Dan Larsen and Mark Schwandt and have known them for a long time, as well as attending high school with Jessica. We were all catching up, joking, and realized it was about 2 a.m. and time to leave. Dan and I exited first and began walking to the parking lot. Before we could make it, some kid ran up to Dan, yelled “Did you call my wife a Nazi?” to which Dan promptly replied, “No, I haven’t said anything about Nazis . . . I don’t know you or your wife.” The kid then sucker punched Dan in the face, and continued yelling the same dribble at him. Dan repeatedly denied saying anything (which I and others can corroborate, including Jessica), and was hit again. Mark ran out to stop things, and I stood there, dumbfounded and slightly annoyed, before asking the guys friends what was going on. A couple of them were civil, a couple were not (I don’t know names, so I won’t indict anyone). A couple told us they’d like to beat us, someone said something about weapons, and we hustled out of there ASAP. We reported the incident, didn’t go to Jager for a few weeks, and then returned to find the place safe again. A few weeks later we noticed some of the same people back, but they were the civil ones and it seemed the aggressors had not returned.

    We continued to go to Transmission because we love Jake and the music he plays, and haven’t been back since Ciaran told us about the incident on 2/6. I wasn’t there and can’t comment on it, but I wanted to clear up any confusion regarding what Dan said. He made no comment about Nazis, nor did anyone in our party; like Jessica said, it was someone else. Just wanted to clear the air regarding my friends’ actions.

  142. P. S. I am not the “joe” identified above.

  143. There is proof positive here that Ciaran is lying at some level — namely, with respect to the extent of his suffering/injuries.

    In the main post, he ridicules the force of the assailant’s punches and says that he came away with “nothing more than a goose egg on the back of his skull . . . .”

    Then, by post 65 of this thread, poor Ciaran is in the emergency room receiving a CT scan, only to learn that he nearly died as a result of suburdal hematoma.

    P.S. How many children died in Gaza while you were debating the politics of patronzing a bar whose owner, when intoxicated, allegedly denies the extent of the holocaust?

  144. Well you see when I hit the ground with the back of my head, that’s when the goose egg/dizziness/ct scan business happened. But getting that little detail would mean providing proof positive you could read the post you refer to, “tate”. I’m sure the children of Gaza thank you though.

    At any rate: this thing is done. What needed to be resolved is resolved. Anyone who wants to play revisionist history about what actually happened or continue this toxic circle jerk in any way can do it elsewhere.

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