Your 1998

I had mixed emotions watching the Packers lose yesterday–I really thought I wanted the epic Brady-Favre match-up (figured Moss could get his ring at the Pack’s expense). But watching the game at Chammp’s Eden Prairie last night, watching some Packer fan freak out inappropriately while his nice, blonde, probably-Minnesota-raised wife and their two little girls sat there praying for the game to end, praying for daddy to stop being so angry; as I sat there thinking about all my insufferable Packer-fan friends in Uptown and how horrible Super Bowl week was going to be, to say nothing about the inevitable trash talk I would suffer through all of next season, and god forbid, what if they fucking beat the Pats? Well, I just couldn’t help it, you know? Watching Al Harris get used, watching Ryan Grant get stonewalled, watching the Mr. Hyde Brett Favre throw a fairy-tale-killing OT pick that will be on ESPN Classic for all eternity…delightful.

And then The Strib’s Michael Rand nailed it this morning: “Oh, Packers fans. Now you know what it’s like. This is your 1998. Drink it in. Enjoy that bitter taste. It lasts a lifetime.”



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