The Sports Guy on Juno

From Bill Simmons’ column today:

Q: Do you think the Jags are like “The Shawshank Redemption”? They seemed to be a sleeper team of destiny but picked the wrong year to win the Super Bowl (because of the Patriots). “Shawshank” was a sleeper movie destined to win Best Picture and picked the wrong year to do it (because of “Forrest Gump”).
— Pat C., New York

SG: I don’t know. I’d compare the Jags more to “Juno” — a very cute, extremely well-done movie that received a little too much acclaim and couldn’t compete with the big horses during awards season. And by the way, if we’re comparing 2007 movies to 2007 NFL teams, “Margot at the Wedding” would definitely be Kansas City — a promising start followed by everything going straight to hell, to the point that fans/customers were staring at each other in disbelief wondering what was happening. Bonus points here for the fact careers were ruined in the process. Herm Edwards as an NFL coach, Jack Black as a serious actor. I’d like my $10 back, please.


One Response

  1. “Margot at the Wedding”? Jesus, Simmons sees a lot of movies. In this little exercise would the Vikings be Micheal Clayton? A bit tired and underwhelming which didn’t even make it to the dance, but with one standout performance? Or worse, are the queens just straight up “I Know Who Killed Me”? An eternal tease that turns out to be a turgid, reprehensible snuff film not worth the rental cost. Childress looks like he’s into that kind of shit.

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