Facebook Presidential Debate Drinking Games brought to you by Facebook

Can I just point one thing out, you know, for the children? I’ve heard that the new jam with the college kids is to get a bottle of Smirnoff UV Pink Lemonade, hole up in a dorm room with a 42 inch flat, tune in to the Presidential debates and do a shot every time somebody says “change” or “terrorism.” Well, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets their high school senior picture on the cover of the Strib.

I mean, get a load of the first question of the Facebook/ABC News/WMUR Democratic debate on Saturday night, when all the kids who can handle their liquor were watching the Pittsburgh-Jacksonville game:

Charlie Gibson: So let me start with what is generally agreed to be, I think, the greatest threat to the United States today, and, somewhat to my surprise, has not been discussed as much in the presidential debates this year as I thought would be, and that is…nuclear terrorism.

And then, after Barack Obama said he would bomb Pakistan as soon as we had “actionable intelligence,” Gibson was ready with his follow up:

Charlie Gibson: I want to go to another question. And it really is the central one in my mind in nuclear terrorism. The next president of the United States may have to deal with a nuclear attack on an American city.

I’ve read a lot about this in recent days. The best nuclear experts in the world say there’s a 30 percent chance in the next 10 years. Some estimates are higher. Graham Allison Ph.D, at Harvard, says it’s over 50 percent. Senator Sam Nunn, in 2005, who knows a lot about this, posed two questions that stick in my mind. And I want to put them to you here.

On the day after a nuclear weapon goes off in an American city, what would we wish we had done to prevent it? And what will we actually do on the day after?


What are you supposed to do with that, right? Pretty impossible to limit your use of the word “terrorism.” We are in grave danger of continuing to enrich the cheap vodka manufacturers while killing our (kinda) best and brightest. (At least the second tier.) Let’s think of some new buzz words before this dangerous game catches on. I mean, we only have so much time until school’s out. Let’s take a break before Spring Break.

We can get right back to the fear mongering in the summertime in the run-up to the conventions anyway.


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  1. http://www.kungfuelections.com
    you can vent there. try huckabees humble, grappling-spear. or, my favorite, obama’s freedom dove-offensive.

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