A Beautiful Day for an Unnecessary Bicycle Protest

I would put money on Brett Favre tying the NFL all-time interception record Sunday (he needs 2 to tie, 3 to break it), but I would not put money on many Critical Mass participants getting arrested today. As always, I’m putting the over/under on Critical Mass arrests at 2, and I’m taking the under.

It’s the smart bet, based on the tune the city’s whistlin’ in Randy Furst’s Strib article today.

And my Mpls.St.Paul Mag bicycle article came out this week too. I spent the summer researching this thing, so check it out. I wrote it before the August Critical Mass freakout.

And yeah, I’ll be going on Critical Mass tonight, just for the first hour (have to review Home Place at the Guthrie at 7), just to see what’s going to happen after all this hype.

Like I said, I’m taking the under.


6 Responses

  1. ICGAF about the post-Moss vikings, and I have evry rzn to hate the Pack that the average diehard vike fan might have. But bcuz of favre, Sunday’s game is the most intriguing football game @ the dome in the last 9.3 years.

    If I weren’t am NFL North kind of guy, I might even root for Favre…but as it stands I hope he gets hammered by Pat Williams et al.

  2. Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

  3. Stephen Hero?

  4. I know. You hate people who try to be heroes. It was your favorite epithet in college. “Hero,” you’d spit.

    I’m definitely an anti-hero. Maybe even an Everyman.


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  6. Philip Roth, correct? I liked his book about Lindbergh being elected President in 194o. I don’t remember the name of it unfortunately.

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