Summah. Ovah!

Yeah, I’m bummed. But in the spirit of the season, I consumed plenty and feel great about it. Remember when you were a kid, and when school got back in session you had to write about what you did over the summer? Well, In no particular order:

Finally finished Ulysses.
Understood 75% of it thanks to Blamires’ The New Bloomsday Book.
Went to a game at Dodgers Stadium (Mets beat the Dodgers).
Watched Johan lose at the Metrodome twice.
Went to a Twins game with Tom Barnard and Nick Swardson. (Luxury suite, baby.)
Spent $50 on Halberstam’s The Breaks of the Game on eBay. (Great book, but stupid move–I paid a high death premium. After D.H. died, the price of Breaks, his out-of-print classic on the ’80 Trail Blazers, appreciated steeply, then dropped after a couple months.)
Wrote a story on a wheelchair softball team.
Swam in the Pacific.
Read The Road aloud. The entire thing. Try it.
Brought my girlfriend to and from the Marsh compound in Staples, Minnesota.
Visited the Picasso exhibit at the Walker.
Read the only compelling opinion on the Michael Vick case in the entire blogosphere.
Bought a new bicycle.
Finished dead last in my fantasy baseball league.
Drafted a promising fantasy football team (McNabb, QB, Addai, RB, R.Johnson, RB, Boldin, WR, Evans, WR, Gonzalez, TE/WR, Nedney, K, JAC, D).
Spent thousands on Marvel comic books. (My newest baby.)
Saw Nas, Elvis Costello, and Snoop at The Myth.
Found a first edition of Giacomo Joyce at Magers and Quinn.
Bought my first pair of Nike SBs.
Re-discovered the newly re-furbished Hidden Beach.
Consumed cheese-on-a-stick, an apple cider freeze, jumbo lemonade, corn-on-the-cob, gizmo sandwich, coconut-fried plantains, smelt fries, cheese curds, Schumacher’s pork chop, and a deep fried candy bar on-a-stick at the Fair.
Canceled cable.


2 Responses

  1. No, chump, I finished dead last. And don’t you forget it!

  2. That easterbrook rant on Vick vs. factory farms was bullshit. is he being overpunished? likely yes. is killing in dogfighting comparable to killing to eat? no way. He also neglected to mention the resurrection of Joey Blueskies, which IMO is the bigger story here.

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