Too Early for the Truth

So I just got back from 9/11 Press for Truth at the Riverview. Here’s the deal: it’s going to be hard for the people to lose that conspiracy theorist stigma when you have some skinny goateed guy with a fanny pack screaming “WE NEED ANOTHER NUREMBERG, MAN!!” at the Q and A following the film. I mean, it’s great that the polite, well-meaning liberals of South Minneapolis are passionate enough to get into their Paul Wellstone t-shirts for a 10:30 AM screening, but while caring so much about something so early may be noble, it’s just not very cool. I mean, the movie itself was great–a sober chicken-or-the-egg examination of the the the media’s sloppy coverage of 9/11 in our age of the 24-hour-newscycle and the obstructionist, obfuscating Bush Administration. But the QA session afterwards, moderated by 9/11 Truther and sometimes-Minnesota Daily columnist Adri Mehra quickly devolved into the usual kooksville talking points–and “devolved” is misleading, because the first question was on the dancing Israelis and that was followed by a shouting match over the missing Pentagon missile footage. I mean, I know all this stuff, and I’m actually with these people on some of it, but with this approach, it’s going to be hard to convince, uh, more “normal people.” If you’re new to this party, best case scenario is dealing with the same bewilderment that comes with renting a season of Lost on DVD and starting in the middle, and the worse case is feeling like you’re at a Scientology meeting. I subjected my buddies JA and Cristina to the screening, and after watching the collection of sorta-well-organized victims slap themselves on the back for seeing Loose Change during the Q-and-A, well…Jesus. I don’t think I’m going to have any friends at the next one.

Anyway, I’m asking, who’s going to step up and be the Truth Movement’s Barack Obama? We need a star, a photogenic with a fluid delivery, and a sense of humor. And that criteria should already disqualify Michael Moore. I’m picturing a slimmer, more low-key, but just as funny Alex Jones. Because as it stands, this group isn’t ready for prime time. They’re exactly the type of pink-eyed activists you find holed up at a Democratic caucus in the Phillips neighborhood–ponytailed albino acid casualties, completely emasculated by society, railing about some bogeyman in the White House.


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