Tony Soprano is Dead


UPDATE: Some chick at work sent me this amazingly dorky breakdown of the final ep. Dude spent the whole day at work writing his, whereas I spent the time it takes to smoke two Camels. Anyway, we both came to the same conclusion, but his explanaish is way sweeter. Must reading.


He’s dead.


Face it. Well, at least get started on your five stages of grief or whatever. (A lot of you apparently are: denial is being quickly followed by rage on a lot of internet messageboards and blogs.) But I’m clearly of better mental health than most of you, because for me, after dealing with it, I figure there isn’t much ambiguity to last night’s final episode.

Last week’s episode ended with Tony on a bare mattress, gripping a shotgun, flashing back (and The Sopranos doesn’t go to the flashback much, so when it does, pay attention) to Bobby and Tony in the boat on Bobby’s lake cabin, where Bobby says something about, “When if finally comes, you won’t ever hear the shot.” So this week, when Tony looked at the camera, and the Journey song gets cut off and everything else quick cuts to black…well, Tony got capped.

I thought about this all morning. Last night, when it happened, I laughed (denial much?) and then I got pissed, but then I started thinking. I didn’t really want David Chase to give me the operatic, Scorcese/Coppola going-down-in-a-hail-of-bullets ending, did I? That would have been too easy, and it’s been done before, and done pretty well. Look, Chase has given us the raw meat we crave plenty of times–he squished Phil ‘Tardo’s head like a watermelon in the finale–but If he made it easy on me and showed Tony all blood splattered like Caesar, or worse, showed some family member dying in his arms…Yuck. Didn’t Godfather 3 get crushed for that cliche? We all know that evil goes unpunished all the time, so why do we have to get hit over the head with Tony’s comeuppance? Even if you don’t buy into my theory–that our anti-hero got popped–the already famous “non-ending” portrayed Tony’s existence in a short, nasty, but poetic sequence. Is it going to be the blue collar-looking dude in the corner? The group of brothers that just walked in? Who’s it gonna be? Carmela asked this same question a few episodes ago: Is it going to be jail or death? And I admit, while I was annoyed seeing that spoiled brat AJ spending all of his time on the internet worrying about a terrorist attack, while his father was soldiering right into the impending consequences of his criminal lifestyle–a possible hit, a possible indictment–I think Chase’s point about our era is dead on: all of us are ameliorating our dread of this Islamic bogeyman by amassing luxury in the name of security. That’s just life these days.

So R.I.P., Tony. And congratulations on the strongest nine episode run since Season 3. Way to go out on a truly original cinematic note.

I get it!


3 Responses

  1. I believe the whole family was offed. If you go back to last episode…listen to the conversation Phil was having with one of his guys on cellphone, the go to Bobby’s funeral and watch the strangers pointing and watching Tony’s children, then the final giveaway was AJ’s SUV failed blow up which Tony didn’t catch.

    There are other reasons why I think Tony wasn’t the only Soprano killed; they all were.

  2. I don’t think AJ’s SUV blowing up was a failed hit. Those cadillidic converters really do heat up.

    Anyway, here’s a link to the NJ Star Ledger tv blog where David Chase responds to all the criticism:

  3. Did you see it on the big screen?

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