Finally, a Critic Worth Reading

Check this guy out on Amazon. He’s fantastic, or should I say he’s SLENDO-GLORIA! I don’t think I’ll ever really finish Ulysses, but I will finish all of Kyle C. Foley’s reviews. Check out his !!!MANGLEMENTO!!! review of Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake or his !!!ZESTICA!!! review of Tolstoy’s Anna. But he doesn’t stick to the classics–he reviews The Washingtonienne’s book and Star Wars: Episode III too. He seems to be writing in his own language; a mix of ragged verse, tripped out Freudian argot, broken English, and comic book exclamation. Maybe he just reminds me of my Brazilian ex-girlfriend. I wonder if Kyle’s book is any good. Is sounds like a Van Halen song translated by Petrarch. !!!ROCKETA!!!


3 Responses

  1. Evidently, he has invented a language called “Langalo.” Jesu-Cristopolis!!!! I need to meet this guy.


  3. Thanks for pointing me at this guy. Jubilo indeed.

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