The Egg Mobile

I’ve written about my friend Ross Brockley before. He’s a very important thinker. Ross is much braver than I am–he actually tuned in, turned on, and dropped out before the reptiles could force him into taking erection pills and buying a new flat screen television every other year. (It’s only a matter of time for me.) He bought a llama farm in Nebraska. (Well, actually, he bought the farm to shoot an awful independent film there, and now, as he says, he’s “stuck on the set.”) He is always coming up with new and inventive ways to subvert the corn-spiracy. (You know that corn is an alien plant, engineered to drain the water table and spread disease and pestilence. It has almost zero nutritional value, well other than sucrose, a known mind control agent. You knew all that, didn’t you?) Anyways, here are a couple youtube videos in which our man on the ground in Lincoln spreads the good guerrilla farming word.

Egg Mobile

The Pond


4 Responses

  1. Great post Stephen. I especially enjoyed the backlinks of your friend Ross, he reminds me of a friend of mine in New York State who lives and works on an organic farm. I also enjoyed your take on hipster culture. Priceless.

  2. Hey bud, you’ve got me reading a blog. Don’t tell the Indian. On a totally different note than Ross, I read the Hitchens profile in the latest New Yorker and thought of you. It’s been too long, hero, get in touch.

  3. Ben. Why did the “Hitchens Profile” remind you of Steve? Because they are both assholes?
    P.S. I hate this blog.

  4. Oi! What happened, Steve- yer ass got bit by a good-writing bug?! Or did some pretty girl finally convince you that it is, in fact, OK to drop the douchebag act and ride out that talent that you really do have?
    These last couple posts have got you positively GLOWING! More please! xx p.s. Don’t worry… nobody honestly expects you to completely stop being a douchebag.

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