Now that I’m unsupervised, I can post things like this:

Dudes, check out this time-waster from the greatest band of all times. It’s almost as much fun as fantasy baseball. I put “Live Forever” in the three-hole, I put “Wonderwall” in the greatest hits clean-up position, spot seven, and I closed with “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” So I strayed from the chronological temptation. And I wanted to include “I Can See a Liar,” if only for the memories of Liam’s full length Burberry-print raincoat that he rocked on Letterman when the band inexplicably chose that song to promote Standing on the Shoulder of Giants in 2000, but I just couldn’t in good conscience. Here’s a good rule of thumb: you’re not spending enough time on this if you include more than three Definitely, Maybe songs.


9 Responses

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a year, and this post seals the deal, I officially have a man-crush (you’re my second, after Paul Shirley, who also likes Oasis). I was talking about Oasis at a party last week, and some dude who loves Pearl Jam asked me, “They got back together?” The thing is, I love that they aren’t huge, it makes me proud that I know how great they are.


  2. Come on dude, my blog might not be affiliated with MSP anymore, but we still have family values around here.

  3. uh, you actually call yourself stepenhero not just the blog?

  4. Look, it’s my user name. Seemed easy. Evidently it’s intimidating to you. I apologize.

    But what’s with the “uh”? You don’t have to stutter when you type. That’s the beauty of the written word.

  5. “Best Fookin’ band in the world!!!” Though I’m sad you left out “What’s the Story, Morning Glory”. I was 16 and in London the first time I heard it… ahhh, nostalgia. Hey, is “Weeds” on tomorrow night???

  6. Oasis is like Marsh. If I could buy Oasis based on the value of their talent and sell them based on their self opinion, I could retire a rich man. It’s amazing what you can sell to white teens & twenties in this country with a borrowed sound and brash tough-talking bad-boy self-promoting image. Now that I think about it, I take my statement regarding Marsh back…Oasis is more like the British version of Kid Rock.

  7. Wait, black teens don’t like a borrowed sound with brash tough-talking bad-boy self-promoting frontpeople? I would say that Oasis is the British Notorious B.I.G. or Snoop or something. Although Kid Rock used to rap more. Either way, I love me fookin’ gangsta britpop.

  8. I have new respect for you now, Marsh. I love Oasis and have seen ’em several times. My favorite story is the one about Liam having dinner with some American music industry types on the band’s first trip to the U.S. and denouncing Kurt Cobain as “just a sad cunt who couldn’t handle fame.” Brilliant.

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