Deesenuts are Lonely

So tomorrow is the last business day of my favorite lunch spot downtown, the Lone Doughnut Cafe. They’ve been making doughnuts fresh every morning in their skyway spot above Kiernan’s Irish Pub in the Towle building for the last 26 years. Evidently, they owe backrent and their lease renewal negotiations broke down, so the landlord evicted them. Their doughnuts get all the reviews, but their soups (homemade borcht, great chilli, good chicken noodle, all from scratch), sandwiches (great egg salad), and daily hotdish (on Monday, at about 1:15, I bought the last side of lone doughnut tater tot ‘dish ever) all dominate. They’re downhomey with just a touch of tree hugger pretension. Their specials today were turkey sloppy joes, deep dish chicken pot pie and vegan coconut milk vegetables. It’s mom-meets-your-pro-choice-gfriend. Anyway, it’s on the corner of 2nd and 4th–go show them some love. Show up before 8 am if you want to get the doughnuts–they’re way gone by lunchtime.


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  1. So sad. I just got an email from a reader asking where to buy fresh donuts downtown, and I was gonna send him to Lone Donut. Maybe they’ll reopen elsewhere.

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